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How To Get an Auto Dealer License in California Ebook

What's inside?

  • Step-by-step instructions on getting your business registration in California
  • Information on licensing requirements for all dealer license types
  • Overview of the costs associated with getting licensed and bonded
  • A printable checklist with all licensing requirements for your convenience!

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction

  • 1.1. Overview
  • 1.2. Dealer license types
  • 2. California business registration requirements

  • 2.1. Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • 2.2. Pick a business type
  • 2.3. Register with the Secretary of State (SoS)
  • 2.4. Register with other state, country or city agencies
    • 2.4.1. Dealerships with employees
  • 3. Dealer Licensing

  • 3.1. Dealer licensing requirements and steps
    • 3.1.1. Location requirements
    • 3.1.2. Photograph requirements
    • 3.1.3. Application requirements and process
    • 3.1.4. Fee schedule and submitting your application
    • 3.1.4. License renewal
  • 4. Bonding

  • 4.1. What is an auto dealer bond?
  • 4.2. How much does the auto dealer bond cost?
  • 4.3. How to get bonded?
  • About bryant surety bonds

  • Appendix: Printable licensing checklists

  • New Dealer Licensing Checklist
  • Used/Wholesale Dealer and Auto broker Licensing Checklist

About the Author

Todd Bryant

Todd Bryant is the President and CEO of Bryant Surety Bonds. He frequently shares his expertise on everything related to licensing and bonding requirements in an effort to help aspiring entrepreneurs

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Bryant surety bonds

Bryant Surety Bonds is a surety agency with a long track record of assisting auto dealers get bonded in all 50 states.

We get a great number of dealer bond requests from California and a lot of questions related to the bonding and licensing process. This is why we decided to share our expertise and provide this free resource on everything related to getting your dealer license and bond in California.