Ohio Mortgage Bond Markets

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Bonds

Applicants with a low credit score, or public records (Bankruptcy, Liens, Collection, or Civil Judgments) will find a difficult time getting bonded. Bryant Surety Bonds, inc offers a Bad Credit Surety Bond Program that is specially tailored to your needs and can get you approved. This program is available for high risk mortgage brokers.

Ohio Licensure Requirements*

Applicant Requirements:

  • Age: No Requirement
  • State Residency: No Requirement
  • Experience: 3+ years in the mortgage lending field. If applicant is a corporation, partnership, or any other business entity the operations manager must fulfill the experience requirement.
  • Education: Operations manager complete 24 hours of live classroom instruction.
  • Continuing Education: 6 hours annually
  • Examination: Operations manager must pass examination.
  • Fitness For Licensure: Applicant must demonstrate: experience, character, financial responsibility, and general character.
  • Net Worth: No Requirement
  • Surety Bond: $25,000 mortgage surety bond
  • Background Check: Operation managers, owner with 5% ownership, partner, and officers must submit fingerprints as well as consent to a criminal background check.
  • Managing Principal: If the applicant is a business entity, then an operation manager shall be chosen who fulfills the experience, education, and examination requirements. The Operations Manager must be a licensed loan officers

State Licensing Fees:

  • Initial Application: $350 registration fee, $350 application fee.
  • Branch Application: $350 branch registration fee.
  • Renewal Application: $350 renewal fee, $350 branch renewal fee.

Employee Requirements:

  • Age: No Requirement
  • State Residency: No Requirement
  • Experience: No Requirement
  • Education: No Requirement
  • Continuing Education: licensee must complete 6 hours annually
  • Examination: With in 90 days of original issuance of loan officer license, licensee shall successfully complete as approved examination.
  • Fitness For Licensure: Character and general fitness.
  • Net Worth: No Requirement
  • Surety Bond: No Requirement
  • Background Check: Applicant shall submit a set of fingerprints, as well as consent to a background check.
  • Exemptions: A loan officer may not be employed by more hen one registrant at a time. Owner, officers, and partners who are not acting as the operations manager must register as a loan officer if they wish to act in that capacity. If a clerical employee provides assistance in taking and preparing mortgages loan applications, then this employee must be licensed as well.
  • Licensing Fee: $100 License fee
  • Renewal Fee: $100 Renewal fee

Branch Offices:

  • In State Requirements: A registrant must maintain an office in state.
  • Licensure Requirements: A registrant must obtain a separate registration for each branch office in the state of Ohio.
  • Branch Manager: None


  • Entities: Regulated financial institutions.
  • Safe Harbor: None

*Information for state licensing is provided as a guide, always verify with the state that the information is correct.

How to apply:

1.) Visit the commercial application page.
2.) Complete our online application.