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Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Bonds

Applicants with a low credit score, or public records (Bankruptcy, Liens, Collection, or Civil Judgments) will find a difficult time getting bonded. Bryant Surety Bonds, inc offers a Bad Credit Surety Bond Program that is specially tailored to your needs and can get you approved. This program is available for high risk mortgage brokers.

South Carolina Licensure Requirements*

Applicant Requirements:

  • Age: No Requirement
  • State Residency: No Requirement
  • Experience/Education: 1) At least 2 years experience as an originator under the supervision of a loan broker. OR 2) 6 or more semester housing real estate finance, real estate law or the like counting towards the successful completion of a baccalaureate degree or great with a major or minor in finance, accounting, business administration, real estate finance from an accredited college or university. OR 3) Two years employment with a federally insured depository institution, Veterans Administration, FHA, or US Department of Housing where th applicant actively engaged in originating residential mortgage loans.
  • Continuing Education: 8 hours of continuing education is required annually.
  • Examination: No Requirement
  • Fitness For Licensure: The applicant must show financial responsibility, educational background, character and general fitness.
  • Net Worth: No Requirement
  • Surety Bond: $10,000
  • Background Check: Applicant is required to provide a financial statement that show net worth. This document cannot be more then 180 days prior to application. All members, owners officers, shareholder and employees (except loan originators) must consent to a criminal background check.
  • Managing Principal: Each licensee must maintain one Mortgage Profession at each licensed office.
  • Exemptions: Clerical employees are exempt, though a list of all employees that are not licenses originators must be submitted. Originators must obtain a license and not be employed by more then one broker at any one time. Each owner, officer, partner, or shareholder that will conduct loan broker activities must obtain a license as a loan originator.

State Licensing Fees:

  • Initial Application: $550 Registration Fee, $200 Application Fee
  • Branch Application: $150 Branch Registration Fee
  • Renewal Application: $550 Renewal Fee, $150 Branch Renewal Fee

Employee Requirements:

  • Age: Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • State Residency: No Requirement
  • Experience: Either 8 hours of education with be required to be completed in the first 90 days of employment, or the applicant must have 6 months of experience in residential mortgage lending.
  • Education: 8 hours of education with the first 90 days of employment, or have 6 months of experience in residential mortgage lending.
  • Continuing Education: 8 hours of continuing education yearly.
  • Examination: No Requirement
  • Fitness For Licensure: Applicant must submit information on business activities, education, and show general character and fitness.
  • Net Worth: No Requirement
  • Surety Bond: No Requirement
  • Background Check: Applicant must submit fingerprints and consent to a background check.
  • Managing Principal: Unknown
  • Licensing Fee: $50
  • Renewal Fee: $50

Branch Offices:

  • In State Requirements: A physical presence is required in the state. At the very least it must be staffed by at least one person who has the authority to contract on behalf of the broker and accept all services on behalf of the registrant, maintain regular business hours, and contain all records
  • Licensure Requirements: Registrant must notify the state when opening a branch.
  • Branch Manager: None


  • Entities: Regulated financial institutions, lawyers
  • Safe Harbor: None

*Information for state licensing is provided as a guide, always verify with the state that the information is correct.

How to apply:

1.) Visit the commercial application page.
2.) Complete our online application.

About the author:
Todd Bryant
Todd Bryant is a graduate of Germantown Academy and the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration Honors College. He has been President of Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc., an A+ rated Business with the Better Business Bureau, since 2007. Licensed as a producer with the Department of Insurance, he has been published in the National Association of Surety Bond Producers newsletter and on numerous authoritative publications such as The Washington Post,, and many more.