Payday Loan Bond

    A Pay Day Loan Bond guarantees that the payday loan company will adhere to all laws set forth by the state in which they operate. The payday bond is required to be filed with some state licenses.
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Payday Loan Bond Overview

Placing a Pay Day Loan Bond can be tricky due to the reputation of the industry. Many bonding companies offer these bonds with greatly increased rates. It should be noted though that a few companies realize

that this reputation is without merit (or limited to a small few compared to the industry as a whole); and offer very competitive rates. Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc is very familiar with this market, and can save you considerable money because of it.

For those who are considered a credit risk, Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc offers a Bad Credit Surety Bond Program for payday loan bonds. Most applicants with bad credit are declined because the surety industry, unlike the insurance industry, works on the assumption of zero loss. Our agency has struck several specialized deals that allow us to approve those with poor credit.