Phone Solicitor Bond

    The phone solicitor bond is more commonly known as a Telemarketing Bond, or professional solicitor bond; these bonds guarantee that the solicitor will operate within the laws and guidelines of the state in which they are calling.
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Phone Solicitor Bond Overview

There is currently hesitation among bonding companies to write the phone solicitor bond. The main reason for this hesitation is the current changes going on in the telemarketing industry, namely:

The do not call list, steep fines for violations of this list, and the fact that these new laws may make many professional solicitors financially unstable. Because of these concerns the rates for this bond can be 3-5 times that of the average commercial bond.

For those with poor credit and having a difficult time being bonded, Bryant Surety Bonds has a solution: our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program. This program is available for the phone solicitor bond.