Overview of Process Server Bond Requirements in Arizona

The purpose of the process server surety bond is to provide a guarantee that court-appointed process servers will comply with the laws and regulations of the states they operate in.

Because the work of a process server requires them to work in a timely, responsible manner and adhere to strict legal requirements, they are often asked to get bonded as a way to secure greater compliance.

If a process server breaches the demands of their position by acting dishonestly, not delivering documents on time or otherwise acting unfaithfully, a claim can be made against their bond. When a claim is made, the surety which backs the bond may extend compensation to claimants, up to the full amounts of the bond, otherwise known as the penal sum.

Want to get a better grasp on how surety bonds work? See our ‘What is a surety bond’ guide for a fuller explanation!

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See below for information regarding the cost of process servers bonds in different states, why and how bond claims are filed, and how to get bonded.

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Cost of Process Server Bonds in Arizona

The cost of your bond depends on its amount. The amounts of process servers vary from state to state.

Surety bond cost is a fraction of that bond amount. That fraction, or bond rate, is determined by the bond company when you apply for your bond. In determining your rate, the surety looks at your personal credit score, primarily, as well as your financial statements, liquidity and more. Typically, the higher your credit score, the lower your rate will be, with rates being as low as $100 in some cases.

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Getting Bonded With Bad Credit

Can bond applicants who have a low or nonexistent credit score still get bonded? Yes, definitely!

Our Bad Credit Program is designed to serve exactly those applicants who are unable to get bonded at standard market rates, due to low credit or other financial complications, but still want to get bonded.

A higher rate is due for bonds under this program, since applicants with lower credit present a greater risk for sureties. How much the rate of getting bonded is, depends on each particular applicant. Regardless of their credit score, our customers are guaranteed to only get the best and lowest rates we can secure for them!

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