Site Improvement Bond

    A site improvement bond guarantees that a developer properly installs improvements to an existing structure, in accordance with applicable building codes. This bond says that any public property affected by private improvements will be upgraded as per government requirements.
    The difference between this bond and a subdivision bonds is that this bond is for existing buildings, where as a subdivision bond is for new structures.
    Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc has the experience, and relationships, to place you at the best possible rate. As with all contract bonds, we are currently unable to place bonds that are high risk/bad credit. The reason for this lays in the self-imposed guidelines set into place around the turn of the century. Prior to this time, bonds were written for nearly any company regardless of credit or expertise. Due to that market, record losses were incurred, and several companies were forced to close their doors. Those that survived, made their approval guidelines much more stringent, and credit reports are closely scrutinized.
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