Wage & Welfare Bond

    Wage and welfare bonds, also known as union bonds, guarantee an employers contribution to welfare funds; including payment of wages. These bonds are considered a financial guarantee commercial surety bond.
    The Wage and Welfare bond has become increasingly difficult for most agencies to place as most bonding companies shy away from the risk of a financial guarantee. Fortunately, Bryant Surety Bonds has the power and relationships to place these bonds at very competitive rates.
    If you have no credit, or poor credit, you will have a difficult time getting bonded. The reason for this is that bonding companies underwrite in a different manner then the insurance industry that most are used to. When underwriting, sureties operate under the assumption of zero loss. Because of this, those with poor credit are declined. If you fall into this situation we can help. Our bad credit surety bond program is designed to get you bonded.
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