State Requirements

Health Club Surety Bond Overview

The health club bond is a financial guarantee bond, required by many state governments of gyms and health clubs that collect payment of their members for services up-front.

The bond is in place to protect the members of the club, should the club not fulfill their end of the prepaid membership. It guarantees that health clubs, massage studios and even self-defense clubs will fulfill their obligations, and that if they don’t, a claim can be made against their bond.

To find out more about the amounts of health club bonds in various states, how much your bond will cost and how you can get bonded, continue reading the next sections. Alternative, you can apply directly for the bond you need from the table below.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

District of Columbia Health Spa Dept of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs Apply Now
Florida Health Studio Bond Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services Apply Now
Florida Health Studio Bond Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Apply Now
Georgia (City of Johns Creek, GA) Massage License Bond CITY OF JOHNS CREEK Apply Now
Kentucky Health Club Attorney General Division of Consumer Protection Apply Now
Local Government Massage Establishment License City of Southfield Apply Now
Maryland Health Club Consumer Protection Division Apply Now
Massachusetts Health Club Massachusetts Attorney General Apply Now
Minnesota Health, Dating or Buying Club State of Minnesota Apply Now
Missouri Health Club Office Consumer Protection Apply Now
Missouri Health Club License Bond Office of Consumer Protection Apply Now
New Jersey Health Club Division of Consumer Affairs Apply Now
New York Health Club Division of Licensing Services Apply Now
Oklahoma Health Spa Dept of Consumer Credit Apply Now
Oklahoma HEALTH SPA REGISTRATION Oklahoma Department of Consumer Affairs Apply Now
Pennsylvania Health Club Bureau of Consumer Protection Apply Now
Rhode Island Health Club License Attorney General Office Apply Now
South Carolina Physical Fitness Center Deposit Bond South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Apply Now
Tennessee STATE OF TENNESSEE – HEALTH CLUB SURETY State of Tennessee Dept of Commerce & Insurance Apply Now
Texas Health Spa Secretary of State Apply Now
Utah Health Spa Surety Dept of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection Apply Now
Virginia Health Spa Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services Apply Now
Virginia Health Club Bond Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services Apply Now
West Virginia Health Club Office of the Attorney General Apply Now
Wisconsin Fitness Center Dept of Agriculture/Trade and Consumer Protection Apply Now

Health Club Bond Cost

The amount of health club bonds varies by state and regulation. Some states have a flat bond requirement, while most states tier their requirement based on the size of the club, or length of the prepaid memberships. Here are the amounts of health club bonds in some of the states that require them:

State Health Club Surety Bond Amount
New Jersey $30,000
Florida $25,000 - $50,000
New York $50,000 (12 montd membership)
$75,000 (12-24 montd membership)
$150,000 (24-36 montd membership)
Tennessee $25,000
Maryland $50,000 (New club)
$50,000 - $200,000 (Existing club)
Pennsylvania $50,000 (12 month membership or less)
$100,000 (12-24 month membership)
$200,000 (24 months or more membership)
Texas $20,000 - $50,000 (depending on amount of membership fees collected)
South Carolina Varies, determined by South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs
California Varies, determined by California Secretary of State

If you are not sure what the requirement for health club bonds is in your state or how much it would cost to obtain your bond, call our specialists at 866.450.3412 to request help! They will help you with the information and provide you with further assistance.

The cost of your health club bond is a percentage of the full bond amount. This percentage is determined by sureties, based on the applicant’s financial status. Since health club bonds are a type of financial guarantee bond, sureties are usually more strict when setting rates.

Factors which are taken into account by sureties are:

  • Personal credit score
  • Applicant’s assets
  • Business and personal financial statements
  • Applicant industry experience

Standard Markets

Personal credit score is by far the most important factor that influences surety bond rates. This is so because personal credit score reflects an applicant’s financial stability.

Applicants with a high credit score can expect to receive a quote which is between 1%-3% of the total bond amount. These are so-called standard market rates.

The rate of your bond also depends on the surety bond agency you are working with. Bryant Surety Bonds has extensive experience with underwriting health club bonds in all states which require them. We are able to find the best and lowest rates on surety bonds, because of our long partnerships with a number of the best surety bond companies in the country.

All our surety partners are A-rated and T-listed, which places them among the top companies in the industry. This means that we can provide our clients with low rates on their bonds, which are backed by reliable sureties with expertise in the field.

If you want to know how else you can influence your rate, our surety bond cost guide can provide you with all the necessary information. Have a look!

Bad Credit Dealer Bonds

Our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program makes it possible for us to underwrite bonds even for applicants who have a low credit score or no credit score at all, even for financial guarantee bonds like the health club bond.

Rates under this program are slightly higher, between 4%-10%, because of the increased risk involved. Yet, we are able to approve most applicants and secure them the lowest rates available to them. Apply now and get approved instantly.

How to Get Your Health Club Bond

Applying for your health club bond is easy. Apply online here to fill in your bond application form. Once we process your application, we will get back to you with a free quote on your bond. You can expect to hear from us soon!

If you have any questions about health club bonds, don’t hesitate to call us at 866.450.3412 anytime. Bryant Surety Bonds’ professionals have extensive knowledge and experience. We can respond to any questions you may have and help you with getting bonded.

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