High Risk Surety Bond Overview

Our application for those with bad credit is now completely online. This application allows us to give you quotes and approvals instantly. For those who have already applied, login to your account to see the status of your bond, or to apply for any additional bonds you may need.

Additional Information about our Bad Credit Surety Bonds program:Bonding companies do not operate like insurance companies; where an insurance company assumes a certain amount of claims on their policies, the surety bond industry assumes a 0% loss ratio.With such strict guidelines, only those with good credit (at least a score of 650, often times higher is required), and a clean history (no bankruptcies, tax liens) are approved. For those who do not meet those criteria we are happy to announce an alternative.

For those with questionable credit, or new businesses with no credit history Bryant Surety Bonds offers a Bad Credit program that enables you to keep working. Our program charges slightly higher rates then standard bonds, and on top of these rates a small percentage of cash collateral is required to supplement the risk. We understand that no one likes to pay higher rates; this program will enable you to continue to produce instead of being out of work.

Please note: This program works for Commercial Bonds only. Contract bonds (including Performance Bonds) are not available through this program.