Delaware Surety Bond Overview

Many Delaware businesses need a surety bond, so that they are in compliance with state regulations. The bonds protect the state and its citizens from losses and damages due to violations of these regulations. Similarly, contractors in the state must also often get bonded as a guarantee that they will perform work in accordance with their contract.

How do bonds work?

Surety bonds are agreements between:

  • The bond obligee - the party that requests the bond
  • The bond principal - the party that need to get bonded
  • The bond company - the party that issues and backs the bond

Under the bond agreement, the principal is bound to comply with a number of conditions - such as to comply with state laws or to perform work in accordance with various requirements. If the principal violates the bond's conditions, causing losses or injury to the obligee, the latter may file a claim against the bond. The bond company then steps in to investigate the claim and, possibly, pay out compensation to obligees.

If all of this is new to you, and you want to know more, see our 'What is a surety bond' guide for a fuller explanation of how bonds work!

You can find the bond you need in the table below. If you have trouble finding your bond, don’t hesitate to contact us at 866.450.3412. To learn more about the different types of bonds available in Delaware, see the sections below.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

Freight Broker Bond (BMC-84) FMCSA N/A Apply Now
Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond New Castle County, DE Statutory Compliance Bond Apply Now
Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond City of Newark, Code Enforcement Division Compliance with City Ordinance Bond (Newark, DE) Apply Now
Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond City of Wilmington Dept of Licenses and Inspection (City of Wilmington, DE) Plumbers Bond Apply Now
Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond City of New Castle License and Permit Apply Now
Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond City of Rehoboth Beach Plumber's Bond (City of Rehoboth Beach) Apply Now
Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond Department of Labor, Division of Revenue Non Resident Contractor Apply Now
Debt Consolidators Bond State of Delaware Debt Management Apply Now
Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond Office of the State Bank Commissioner Mortgage Loan Broker Apply Now
Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond Office of the State Bank Commissioner Licensed Lender Apply Now
Small Loan Companies Bond Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner Licensed Lender Surety Apply Now
Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond Division of Revenue Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Apply Now
Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond State of Delaware Financing the Sale of Motor Vehice License Apply Now
Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond Division of Revenue Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond Apply Now
Detectives Bond Superintendent of the Delaware State Police Security Systems and Protective Service Agency Apply Now
Detectives Bond Delaware State Police-Professional Licensing Private Investigative & Private Security Agency Bo Apply Now
Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond Delaware Public Service Commission DELAWARE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION SURETY BOND Apply Now
Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond DIVISION OF PROFESSIONAL REGULATION Manufactured Home Installer License Apply Now
Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond State of Delaware Financing the Sale of Motor Vehicles License Apply Now
Schools (All) Bond DE Dept. of Education Private Business and Trade School Contract Apply Now
Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond State of Delaware Motor Fuel Tax Administration Special Fuel (Distillate/LP Gas) Apply Now
Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond State of Delaware Motor Fuel Tax Administration Motor Fuel Distributor Bond Apply Now
Miscellaneous Taxes Bond Division of Revenue Non-Resident Contractor Apply Now
Money Transmitter Bond Office of the State Commissioner Casher of Checks, Drafts or Money Orders Surety Apply Now
Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Bond Director Of The Consumer Protection Unit Of The DE Telemarketing Registration and Fraud Prevention Ac Apply Now
Prepaid/Preneed Funeral Bond Office of the State Bank Commissioner Preneed Funeral Contracts Bond Apply Now
Appraisal Management State of Delaware Appraiser Bond Apply Now

Types of Delaware Surety Bonds

The most common types of bonds issued in Delaware include license and permit bonds, construction bonds and court bonds.

  • License and permit bonds are often required when applying for a business license.
  • Construction bonds are asked for from construction contractors wishing to bid on public and private construction projects.
  • Court bonds are required from Delaware courts in some cases.

License & Permit Bonds

In many cases, Delaware businesses are required to get licensed to meet state, local or city rules. Obtaining a license and permit bond is a usual prerequisite for business licenses.

Your Delaware surety bond functions as protection for the state and its citizens, ensuring that your business will abide by applicable regulations that govern your trade. If you commit fraud or break your obligations, a claim can be made on your bond up to its penal sum. If it’s proven, you’ll have to financially reimburse the affected parties.

Some of the most common Delaware license and permit bonds include the mortgage broker bond, the contractor license bond, and the freight broker bond.

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Construction Bonds

In many cases, contractors in Delaware are required to post construction bonds. These surety bonds are used on a project basis when construction contractors want to participate in private and public construction contracting projects.

The purpose of construction bonds is to protect the project owners. They ensure that the contractor will abide by their contractual agreements and will deliver the work on time and according to the quality requirements.

The most common construction bonds are:

  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Payment bonds
  • Maintenance bonds

Court Bonds

A Delaware court might require an individual to obtain a court bond in certain specific situations. Court bonds are the least common category of bonds, but Bryant Surety Bonds will happily underwrite this type of bond for you.

When would you have to post a court bond? Some cases include:

  • When bringing a court case to a higher instance (an appellate court), you will be asked to provide a supersedeas bond, also known as an appeal bond.
  • If you have been assigned as a fiduciary of somebody’s assets or property, you will be required by a Delaware probate court to obtain a fiduciary bond.

Surety Bond Cost in Delaware

The cost of getting bonded is different from the surety bond amount that you are required to obtain. To get bonded, you need to pay only a fraction of that amount, called the bond premium. The bond amount, on the other hand, represents the penal sum that might be repaid on proven claims.

What determines my bond premium?

To set your exact bond price, your surety needs to examine your personal and business profile, and evaluate the risk of bonding you. If you are seen as a solid applicant, you can expect a lower bond premium.

The most important criteria for defining your premium are:

  • Your personal credit score
  • Business financials
  • Assets and liquidity
  • Industry experience

Applicants with high credit score are typically bonded at so-called standard market rates. The premiums for standard bonding market are usually in the range of 1%-4%.

Applicants with lower credit scores can also get bonded, though at higher rates. This is because sureties assume a higher risk when issuing bonds for applicants with lower scores. Rates for such applicants are typically between 5%-15%.

If you would like to get an estimate of your bond price, you can use our surety bond cost calculator below. Once you complete your full application, we will deliver your exact bond quote.

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How to Apply for a Bond in Delaware

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