Maryland Surety Bonds Overview

Bryant Surety Bonds is licensed to underwrite surety bonds in the state of Maryland, and throughout the nation. We work exclusively with A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies in Maryland.

Our highly trusted network of partner companies gives us access to numerous standard and specialty markets. That’s how we can offer our clients some of the lowest rates on Maryland surety bonds, as well as stable backing by a reliable surety.

We also offer a Bad Credit Surety Bond Program, for those who are having problems obtaining a bond in a standard market.

To get started with your surety bond application immediately, use the table below and its search function to find the Maryland surety bond you need. From there, simply click ‘Apply’ and follow the instructions. You can also find out more about Maryland surety bonds before applying. Just scroll down to the next sections where you can find information about the various types of Maryland surety bonds which we underwrite, how much these cost and how you can get bonded in Maryland.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    Montgomery County Maryland Dept of Permitting Serv
    Montgomery County Performance Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    City of Takoma Park
    Storm Water Management Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    Home Improvement Commission
    Home Improvement Contractor
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    State of Maryland
    Home Improvement Contractor's Bond
  • Excess Weight, Other Highway & Street Permit Bond
    MD Motor Carrier Division
    Hauling Performance Bond
  • Investment Advisor (Blue Sky) Bond
    Securities Commissioner
    Investment Advisor
  • Collection Agency Bond
    Commissioner of Financial Regulation
    Collection Agency
  • Debt Consolidators Bond
    Commissioner of Financial Regulation
    Licensee Surety Bond Credit Service Business
  • Debt Consolidators Bond
    Commissioner of Financial Regulation
    Debt Settlement Services Registration
  • Professional Fund Raisers Bond
    State of Maryland
    Professional Solicitors & Public Safety Solicitors
  • Insurance Agents/Brokers Bond
    Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund
    Automobile Insurance Fund Producer
  • Insurance Agents/Brokers Bond
    MD Insurance Commissioner
    Insurance Administration Insurance Advisor
  • Insurance Surplus Lines Brokers Bond
    Maryland Insurance Administration
    Surplus Lines
  • Insurance 3rd Party Administrator Bond
    Maryland Department of Insurance
    3rd Party Administrator Bond
  • Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond
    Financial Reglation Commissioner, Maryland Dept of
    Mortgage Broker
  • Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond
    Commissioner of Financial Regulation
    Mortgage Lender
  • Title Insurance Agents & Escrow Officers Bond
    Maryland Insurance Administration
    Insurance Administrator Title
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond
    Motor Vehicle Administration
    Vehicle or Trailer Dealer Bond
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond
    Dept of Natural Resources, Licensing & Registratio
    Boat Dealer
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (Used Only, No New) Bond
    Motor Vehicle Administration
    Vehicle or Trailer Dealer
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Motor Vehicle Administration
    Title Service Agent
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Dept of Natural Resources Licensing & Registration
    Boat Dealer Bond
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    State of Maryland
    Motor Vehicle Manufacturer
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    State Highway Administration
    Credit Hauling Bond
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Prince George's County
    Motor Vehicle Repair Facility License
  • Health Spas/Health Clubs Bond
    Consumer Protection Division
    Health Club
  • Employment Agencies Bond
    Dept. of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
    Employement Agrency License
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Maryland Board of Pharmacy
    Wholesale Distributor Surety
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Department of Public Safety and Correctional Servi
    Private Finger Printing Provider
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Maryland Public Services Commission
    Broker / Aggregator Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Securities Division
    Franchisor Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Maryland Board Of Pharmacy
    Wholesale Distributor Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Prince George's County, Maryland
    Towing Service License Bond
  • Schools (All) Bond
    MD Higher Education Commission
    Institution of Postsecondary Education
  • Schools (All) Bond
    MD Motor Vehicle Administration
    Surety Bond of Information Requestor Driver/Vehicl
  • Schools (All) Bond
    MD Higher Education Commission
    Schools (All) Bond
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Motor Vehicle Administration
    Driver Education Program
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Maryland Higher Education Commission
    Private Career School
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Maryland Higher Education Commission
    Private Career School Bond
  • Alcohol (Manufacturers, Warehouses, Wholesalers) Bond
    State of Maryland
    Beer (Non Resident or Resident Dealer Bond
  • Alcohol (All Others) Bond
    Comptroller of MD - Revenie Administration Div.
    Direct Wine Shipper Bond
  • Alcohol (All Others) Bond
    Comptroller of MD - MATT Reg. Division A&T
    Wine and Liquor Bond
  • Cigar/Cigarette & Tobacco Tax Bond
    Comptroller of Maryland
    Other Tobacco Products (OTP)
  • Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond
    Comptroller of Maryland
    Motor Fuel Dealer, User, Seller Bond
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    Baltimore Gas & Electric
    Baltimore Gas & Electric Utility Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Local Union No. 24 Intl Brotherhood of Elec.Worker
    Local Union No. 24 - Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Maryland Electrical Industry Funds
    Maryland Electrical Industry Funds
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    Voice - Data - Video National Agreement Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 486 Joint Funds Ad
    Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 486 Joint Administ
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Payment of Employee Benefit Contributions and Wage
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    IBEW Local 26
    Wage Payment Bond (IBEW Local 26)
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    International Association Heat & Frost Insulators
    Employer's Wage, Expense, Welfare and Pension Fund
  • Fringe Benefits Only Bond
    IBEW Local 26
    Guaranteed Payment Bond (Local 26 IBEW-NECA)
  • Lottery Bond
    Maryland State Lottery Agency
  • Money Transmitter Bond
    Gloabl Express Money Orders, INc.
    Global Express Money Orders Inc. Indemnity Bond
  • Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Bond
    State of Maryland, Office of the Secretary of Stat
    Surety Bond for Professional Solicitors & Public S
  • Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Bond
    Prince George's County
    Door to Door Solicitor License Performance Bond

Types of Surety Bonds in Maryland

With Bryant Surety Bonds, all types of Maryland surety bonds are available to our clients. We can provide the relevant Maryland license and permit bonds to all kinds of businesses who are getting licensed and need to get bonded. We can also bond contractors who need Maryland contract bonds, such as performance and payment bonds. Or we can provide court bonds to those of our clients who have been ordered by a Maryland court to get bonded. All of these various bonds are available through us for our clients in Maryland.

Read on below to find the type of Maryland surety bond you need.

Maryland License & Permit Bonds

Maryland license and permit bonds are necessary for certain businesses as part of the licensing process. Not all states require the same businesses to get licensed and bonded. Some, such as auto dealers, freight brokers and most contractors are required to do so on a nationwide basis. Others may differ - which depends on a state’s business licensing regulations.

The purpose of Maryland license bonds is to serve as a financial guarantee for obligees that they will be compensated if they suffer financial harm, due to a business malpractice, fraud or other misdeed. In this way, these bonds protect the state and the public, as well as individual consumers.

Maryland auto dealer bonds and Freight broker bonds are among the license bonds that we underwrite the most, although we offer and underwrite all other types of Maryland license bonds as well. The amounts of most of these bonds are determined on a state level. Some, such as the $75,000 freight broker bond, have the same amount throughout the whole country.

Surety bond amount and surety bond cost are two distinct things, so do not be alarmed at these figures. Read on below, under the Maryland surety bond cost section, to find out more.

Maryland Contract Bonds

Another type of Maryland bonds, which we underwrite at Bryant Surety Bonds, are contract bonds. Maryland contractors will almost always be required to obtain these bonds when they are about to bid on a construction project, or perform work on one. These bonds are sometimes also required as a guarantee for subcontractors and suppliers that they will receive payment in a timely manner.

State and federal construction projects almost always require contractors to obtain Maryland contract bonds, as do many private project owners. Depending on the amount of your contract bond, there are two ways for you to apply. Find out how below.

Maryland Court Bonds

Court bonds are also among the types of Maryland bonds which we underwrite. Maryland probate courts and appellate courts are usually those who require individuals to obtain these bonds.

The function of these bonds is to either protect the appellate system from abuse or to provide guarantee to those who have their estates and assets being take care of by fiduciaries and guardians.

If you have questions about any of these bonds, or would like to speak to one of our surety bond experts before you get bonded, call us at (866) 450-3412! Our experts know all about the bonding requirements in Maryland, and can provide you with assistance and guidance.

Surety Bond Cost in Maryland

Surety bond cost is based on a surety bond’s amount. The cost of a bond is usually a fraction of its total amount (its penal sum). This amount is often set on a state level, although there are some exceptions, such as the $75,000 freight broker bond. Using the freight broker bond as an example, the cost of obtaining this bond will be a small percentage of $75,000.

Premiums are determined by surety bond companies on the basis of an applicant’s financial status. Personal credit score is the criterion which sureties evaluate most thoroughly when setting a rate for applicants. This is due to the fact that credit score is a reliable indicator of applicants’ financial health. Sureties also consider other indicators, however, such as:

  • Your personal financial statements

  • Your business financial statements

  • Your industry experience

  • How long your business has been operational

  • Other factors

Those applicants who have a high credit score are offered rates on their bonds which are between 1%-4% of the bond amount. But the exact amount of their premium depends on the bond they are applying for, as well as other factors.

Those applicants who don’t have a credit score, or have a low credit score, usually have difficulties when they apply for a bond. Sureties tend to perceive low-credit applicants as a risk, and are therefore reluctant to provide them with bonds. Yet, thanks to our solid and long-lasting relationships with a number of the best Maryland surety bond companies, we are able to offer bad credit applicants the possibility to get Maryland surety bonds.

Our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program is a tailored solution through which bad credit applicants can obtain their Maryland surety bond, though at slightly higher rates. Rates under this program range between 5%-15% of the total bond amount.

Despite the higher rates, which are meant to offset the risk involved, bad credit applicants can rest assured that we always search for the lowest and most exclusive rates possible. All our clients get bonds only by the best companies whose backing is deemed highly secure and trustworthy by a number of financial institutions.

Would you like to know how much your Maryland surety bond will cost? For an estimate calculation, use our surety bond cost calculator on the right. If you want to receive a free and precise quote on your bond, with no obligations attached, go ahead and submit your application. We will contact you shortly.

Check out our Surety Bond Cost page for even more information about what influences the cost of your bond, and whether and how you can lower your premium.

How to Get Bonded in Maryland

Getting bonded in Maryland is quick and simple. You begin by following the appropriate application link and filling in the relevant form.

For a Maryland license and permit bond, apply online here. All that’s required is for you to fill in your application and submit it. We will review it and contact you with a free quote on your bond. Most Maryland license bonds are approved fairly easily and quickly, so you can often expect us to contact you within the same day.

If you are applying for a Maryland contract surety bond you are presented with two options. If the amount of your contract bond is less than $250,000, you should apply through our Fast Track Program. If your contract bond’s amount is above $250,000 you should apply through our Full Bond Line Project application, since larger bonds go through a different process of approval.

Just download the online form that’s relevant for you, fill it in and send it back to us. You may have to wait somewhat longer for your quote and approval than with license bonds because contract bond forms take longer to assess. Nonetheless, we will contact you with your quote as soon as possible.

You can also call anytime at (866)-450-3412, to speak to us about anything related to surety bonds. If you have any questions about a particular bond or need help with your application - our experts will be there.

Our ‘what is a surety bond’ guide is another highly valuable resource. This guide contains everything that you need to know about surety bonds and how they work.

Maryland Surety Bond Companies

To assure the highest quality of the surety bonds we underwrite, we at Bryant Surety Bonds have created a network of successful partnerships with some of the most reliable sureties in the industry.

Surety bond companies in Maryland, such as Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company, Washington International Insurance Company, and Swiss Reinsurance American Corporation, are among our closest partners.

All of these companies are T-listed with U.S. Department of Treasury and are further A-rated or better under the AM BEST credit rating system. By getting bonded with us, you are backed by the best in the business.