Ohio Surety Bonds Overview

Bryant Surety Bonds is licensed in Ohio to write any surety bond needed in the state.

By working only and exclusively with A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies we can offer our clients bonds which have the best backing possible. At the same time our bonds are available at the most competitive rates in the industry.

And through our bad credit program, we also can bond clients with credit problems such as none established or simply poor credit.

If you know what kind of Ohio surety bond you want to apply for, just select it in the table below and proceed with the application process. If this is your first time getting bonded in Ohio, have a look at the sections below to find out more about what kinds of surety bonds you can get in the state, how much they cost and how you can apply for one.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

  • Market Agencies/Dealers Bond
    Argicultural Department
    Auction Firm Bond
  • Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond
    The City of Reynoldsburg Building Division
    City of Reynoldsburg Contractors Registration Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    City of Columbus
    Contractor License/Registration Bond Form
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    City of Cleveland Dept of Building
    City of Cleveland Contractor's Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    City of University Heights Building Department
    Contractor's Bond, City of University Heights
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    Trumbal County Electrical Department
    Electrical Contractor's Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health
    Dayton & Montgomery County Plumbing Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    City of North Canton
    Contractor License Bond (City of North Canton, OH)
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    Dept of Development, Building services Division
    Installer of Manufactured Homes
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    Ohio - Village Of Covington
    Concrete Contractor Bond (Village of Covington, OH
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    Sewage Treatment Systems Service Provider Bond
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    Ohio Department of Health
    Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) B
  • Debt Consolidators Bond
    Ohio Dept of Commerce Div of Fin Inst
    Credit Service Organization Bond
  • Professional Fund Raisers Bond
    Ohio Attorney General - Charitable Law Section
    Bond for Professional Colicitor and Fund Raising C
  • Insurance Adjusters Bond
    Ohio Superintendent of Insurance
    Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Insurance Adjusters Bond
    Department of Insurance, Licensing Division
    Electronic Individual Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Insurance Agents/Brokers Bond
    Dept of Insurance
    Insurance Broker
  • Insurance Surplus Lines Brokers Bond
    Ohio Department of Insurance
    Ohio Specific Surplus Lines Broker Bond
  • Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond
    Superintendent of Financial Institutions
    Mortgage Broker Act
  • Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond
    Superintendent of Financial Institutions
  • Title Insurance Agents & Escrow Officers Bond
    Department of Insurance
    Title Agent Bond
  • Defective Title Bond
    Consumer Protection Section
    Motor Vehicle Title Defect
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Motor Vehi
    Deputy Registrar
  • Sport Permits Bond
    OH Athletic Commission
    Athletic Commission
  • Sport Permits Bond
    Ohio Athletic Commission
    Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Tough Person Promot
  • Sport Permits Bond
    OH Athletic Commission
    Athlete Agent Bond
  • Nursing Homes Bond
    Director of the Ohio Department of Human Services
    Nursing Homes Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    State of Ohio Department of Commerce
    Precious Metals Dealers
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Ohio Dept of Natural Resources
    Brine Transporation System $15K
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Dept. of Agriculture Div. of Animal Health
    Commercial Dog Breeder Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
    Solid Waste Facility or Scrap Tire Transporter Bon
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Ohio State Board of Cosmetology
    Board of Cosmetology
  • Schools (All) Bond
    State of Ohio Driving School Bond
    Surety Bond of Driving School
  • Schools (All) Bond
    OH Dept of Public Safety
    Department of Public Safety Driving School
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Ohio Department of Public Safety
    Private Driving Training School Bond
  • Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond
    Department of Taxation
    Dealer in Motor Vehicle Fuel
  • Grain & Commodity (State License & Warehouse) Bond
    Ohio Department of Agriculture
    Agricultural Commodity Handler Bond
  • Turnpike/Bridge Toll Bond
    Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commision
    Turnpike Use Bond (OTIC)
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    American Electric Power
    AEP In Lieu of Cash Deposit Bond
  • Concessionaires Bond
    ODNR Div of Parks and Recreation
    Performance Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Local Union #32 IBEW Lima OH
    Wages & Fringe Benefits
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    International Union of Operating Engineers, Local
    Fringe Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Local Union No. 24 Sheet Metal
    Secure Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Northern Ohio PMC, INC.
    Contractor Wage and Fringe Benefit Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 42
    Wage & Fringe Benefit Bond (Plumbers & Steamfitter
  • Lottery Bond
    Ohio Lottery Commission
    Lottery Sales Retailer
  • Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Bond
    Charitable Law
    Bond for Professional Solicitor
  • Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Bond
    Ohio Attorney General
    Telephone Solicitor

Types of Ohio Bonds

What do you need an Ohio surety bond for? Are you getting licensed and need to obtain a bond as part of the requirements? Or maybe you are an Ohio-based contractor and have been requested to get contract bonds? Have a look at the sections below and see which one applies to you.

Ohio License & Permit Bonds

Throughout the nation, businesses who wish to acquire a license or permit and begin to operate legally often need to get bonded. This is why such bonds are called license and permit bonds, because without them many businesses cannot operate. They are sometimes also called commercial bonds. The amount of the bond and the businesses required to get bonded may vary from state to state.

In order to operate legally in the state, auto dealers need to get an Ohio auto dealer bond as well as renew it every time their license runs out. Mortgage brokers, too, need to get an Ohio mortgage broker bond. These two, along with freight broker bonds are our most popular license and permit bonds in the state. There are many other types of Ohio license and permits bonds and we can underwrite all of them for you!

The amounts of Ohio commercial bonds vary. Some of them, such as the Ohio auto dealer bond and the Ohio mortgage bond have bonding amounts which are independent of the same bonds in other states. The Ohio mortgage bond is in the amount of $50,000. Conversely, the $75,000 amount of freight broker bonds is the same in all states.

Bond amounts are not the same as bond costs, so don’t worry. To find out more about your Ohio surety bond cost, scroll down to the section about cost below.

Ohio Contract Bonds

Most contractors in Ohio will also need to get bonded and obtain one or a number of Ohio contract bonds. Such bonds are usually required by project owners or are part of state requirements when contractors are working on big federal or state projects.

Private construction project owners in Ohio will typically also require contractors to get bonded prior to beginning work on their project.

Ohio Court Bonds

Ohio court bonds are bonds that appellants or fiduciaries may be requested to post. Usually such bonds are requested by the respective courts in Ohio when a judgement is appealed or when a fiduciary is appointed to take care of someone’s assets or estate.

If you are not sure what kind of Ohio surety bond you need to apply for, just give us a call at (866)-450-3412. We are familiar with all bonding requirements in Ohio and can provide you expert guidance and advice on which kind of surety bond you need and how you can obtain it.

Surety Bond Cost in Ohio

The cost of Ohio surety bonds depends on the type of bond and its amount as well as on the applicant’s credit score, years experience, and other financials.

The amount of your Ohio surety bond is the full bonding or coverage amount that your surety will extend to the bond’s obligees if they should file a claim against the bond. The Ohio mortgage broker bond’s full amount, for example, is $50,000. This is the maximum coverage a surety will extend on such a bond.

The cost or premium rate of an Ohio surety bond is what you need to pay to obtain a bond. Surety bond premium rates are a percentage of the total amount of a bond. If a bond’s full amount is $50,000 one needs to pay a percentage of that sum to obtain the bond.

When applying for a bond, applicants are usually put in different rate categories by sureties depending on a variety of financial factors that make them more or less reliable applicants. The main factor which is almost always taken into account is one’s personal credit score. Alongside of credit score, there are also other factors such as:

  • The quality of your business financial statements
  • The quality of your personal financial statements
  • The amount and quality of your industry experience
  • Further financial and business factors

High credit score applicants are usually offered rates between 1%-4% of the total amount of their Ohio surety bond. Such rates are also called standard market rates. Applicants with poor credit score can also get bonded, though at slightly higher rates. The rates on Ohio surety bonds for bad credit applicants vary between 5%-15%.

While these rates are higher, we have specifically designed our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program to be able to meet the needs and requirements of applicants with less-than-perfect credit. These are often turned down but this leaves many otherwise reliable applicants without good alternatives.

Furthermore, all of our bonds without exception are offered by the same expert and highly professional surety bonds companies.

If you would like to make an estimate calculation of your Ohio surety bond, try our surety bond calculator in the right sidebar. If you are ready to apply for your bond, you can get an entirely free and precise quote. Simply follow the application link and we will get in touch with you soon.

For more information on how surety bonds are priced, our Surety Bond Cost page can provide you with plenty of detailed information on the topic. Have a look!

How to Get Bonded in Ohio

Found your Ohio surety bond and want to get bonded? Applying for your surety bond is very simple, thanks to our straightforward and quick application process.

If you want to get an Ohio license and permit bond, apply online here. Simply follow the guidelines and submit your application. We will then review your application and get back to you with your free surety bond quote as soon as possible. Before we finalize and underwrite your bond, we may need you to provide us with further details. Once we have all the information we need, your bond will be on its way to you.

If you want to get an Ohio contract surety bond, there are two separate application forms. Contract bonds under $250,000 go through our Fast Track Program, so use this one if it applies to you. Contract bonds over $250,000 need to go through our Full Bond Line Project application, so please use this form. Proceed with your application by downloading the relevant online form and forward it to us once you’ve filled in all the details. As soon as we receive your application, we will go review it thoroughly and get back to you if we need further details.

Do you have any more questions or need help with your application? Call our surety bond experts at (866)-450-3412 to receive assistance and guidance immediately! Would you like to know more about how surety bonds work and why you need to get bonded? Check out our highly detailed ‘what is a surety bond’ page!