North Dakota Surety Bond Overview

Bryant Surety Bonds is a licensed surety bonds agency that can help applicants obtain all types of North Dakota surety bonds. Throughout our experience we have established partnership with numerous A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies. Whether you are struggling with your finances or have a less-than-perfect credit score, our surety bonds agents can make sure you still get the bond you need.

The table below contains a comprehensive list of North Dakota surety bonds. Find the ones you need and click “Apply Now.” If you can’t find the bond you are looking for or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (866)-450-3412.

Below the table you will find more information about surety bonds in North Dakota. If you’re new to surety bonds, our “What is a Surety Bond?” page is a great place to get all the basic facts.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

  • Market Agencies/Dealers Bond
    North Dakota Public Services COmmission
    Roving Grain Buyer's Bond
  • Agricultural (Non-Livestock) Bond
    Public Service Commission
    Roving Grain Buyer's Bond
  • Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond
    Department of Commerce
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    North Dakota Department of Commerce
    Manufactured Home Installer Bond
  • Contractor License Third Party Liability Bond
    Public Service Commission
    Contractor License Third Party Liability Bond
  • Collection Agency Bond
    Dept of Financial Institutions, Consumer Division
    Collection Agency
  • Professional Fund Raisers Bond
    Secretary of State
    Uniform Professional Fundraiser
  • Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond
    Dept of Financial Institutions, Consumer Division
    Surety Bond for Money Brokers
  • Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond
    Dept of Financial Instituions, Consumer Division
    Mortgage Lender
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond
    Department of Transportation - Motor Vehicle Divis
    Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond
    Department of Transportation
    Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Dealer Bond
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (Used Only, No New) Bond
    Department of Transportation - Motor Vehicle Divis
    Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Employment Agencies Bond
    Secretary of State
    Professional Employer Organization Bond
  • Itinerant Merchants Bond
    Attorney General
    Transient Merchant
  • Itinerant Merchants Bond
    City of Grand Forks
    Itinerant Merchants Bond
  • Itinerant Merchants Bond
    City of Mandan
    Itinerant Merchants Bond
  • Itinerant Merchants Bond
    City of Minot
    Itinerant Merchants Bond
  • Retail Stores & Service Shops
    Consumer Protection & Antitrust Div- Office of AG
    Transient Merchant Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Consumer Protection & Antitrust Div - Office of AG
    Transient Merchant
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    ND Department of Financial Institutions
    Deferred Presentment Service Provider Bond
  • Sales, Use & Consumer Tax Bond
    Office of the State Tax Commissioner
    Sales and Tax Permit
  • Auctioneer's (Net Proceeds Meet Amount) Bond
    Public Service Commission

Types of North Dakota Surety Bonds

There are three main categories of bonds in North Dakota. Each of them is required under different circumstances, so we’ll explore them in detail:

License bonds (or commercial bonds) are the largest of the three categories. If you are a business owner looking to get your business licensed in North Dakota, you are very likely to be required to get a license bond as part of your application.

Construction bonds are a bond category most frequently required for work on public construction projects.

Court bonds are a special category of surety bonds required during certain court proceedings.

Read the sections below to learn more about each of these three bond categories.

North Dakota License Bonds

States use surety bonds as a way to exercise control over some businesses and make sure their clients are protected. If your business needs to post a license bond, the requirement will be listed as part of your business license checklist. You cannot complete your application without the relevant surety bond.

Breaking the rules of the surety agreement can lead to a claim against your business. Once the claim is proven, your business will have to compensate the claimant for the losses incurred.

North Dakota businesses which are commonly regulated through surety bonds include auto dealers, who need to post a North Dakota auto dealer bond to get licensed. Collection agency bonds and contractor licence bonds are also frequently-requested types of license bonds.

North Dakota Construction Bonds

If you’re a construction contractor in North Dakota, you are very likely to have encountered this requirement. Public projects, especially larger ones, often require general contractors (and some subcontractors) to post several different types of construction bonds, in order to protect the project and make sure it’s completed as stated in the contract. Private project owners also have the right to require construction bonds.

For example, you may need to post a bid bond, so that if you win the contract, you will commit to completing the project or facing a bond claim. Next will come performance and payment bonds, which safeguard against contractor default and ensure all parties involved will be paid on time.

North Dakota Court Bonds

Court bond requirements are less common, but it’s an important type of surety bond nonetheless. If you need to appeal a court judgment in front of a higher instance, a North Dakota court may require you to get an appeal bond first. The bond discourages people from filing frivolous appeals.

Fiduciary bonds are another type of court bonds, which may be required when:

  • A probate court appoints you fiduciary to somebody’s estate or other assets
  • A court appoints you guardian to a minor.

Surety Bonds Cost in North Dakota

When you post your North Dakota surety bond, it’s best to know how bond pricing works. This can help you plan expenses in advance, and even save money.

Every surety bond has a total bond amount, pertaining to the maximum sum you may have to pay in case of a successful claim. The total bond amount is set by the state for each type of surety bond. For example, the total bond amount of a North Dakota auto dealer bond is $25,000.

To get your bond, you are not required to pay the full bond amount. Instead, you’ll pay bond premiums, usually annually or biannually. The bond premium is set by the surety bond company and is different for each applicant. After an evaluation of the applicant’s credit history, the surety underwriter decides whether they are low-risk or high-risk, and sets the premium accordingly.

Standard market rates are between 1% and 4% of the total bond amount. Bad credit can elevate premiums up to 15% of the total bond amount. Sureties sometimes evaluate other factors as well, such as:

  • Personal finances
  • Business finances
  • Industry experience

If you’re worried about your credit score, Bryant Surety Bonds offers our Bad Credit Program especially for clients like you. We’ll do everything we can to get you the bond you need at the best price available to you. And no matter what, all our bonds come from the same top-quality surety companies.

We have put a surety bond cost calculator on your right, where you can get an estimate of your premium, based on type of bond you need and personal credit score. Want to learn more about which factors play a role in determining your bond premium? Go to our Surety Bond Cost page for all the information.

How to Get a North Dakota Surety Bond

Once you have all the information you need, you can easily apply for a North Dakota surety bond through our online application.

Submitting your application takes no more than a few minutes, We will contact you and ask you to provide all the documentation we need. Once the bond underwriter issues your surety bond, we will mail you the original by mail. If you want to keep copies of your bond forms, we can send them to you via fax or email.

As always, if you have trouble with your application or need to have a question answered, call our agents at (866)-450-3412.