Nevada Surety Bonds Overview

Bryant Surety Bonds is an expert in writing all types of surety bonds in Nevada. We offer exclusive surety bond rates with all of our bonds being provided only by A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies. Applicants who have been turned down in the past due to bad or no credit can obtain a Nevada surety bond with our Bad Credit Bond Program.

If you know what type of surety bond you need, just find it in the list below and follow the link to the application. If you want to know more about Nevada surety bonds, surety bond rates and how to get bonded in Nevada read on below.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    State Contractors Board
    Residential Pool and Spa License
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    State Contractors Board
    Nevada State Contractors Board
  • Check Sellers Bond
    Financil Institutions Division
    Check Cashing Bond
  • Collection Agency Bond
    State of Nevada Business & Industry Dept
  • Collection Agency Bond
    Department of Business and Industry
    Collection Agency Bond
  • Debt Consolidators Bond
    Division of Mortgage Lending
    Credit Service Organizations Surety Bond
  • Insurance 3rd Party Administrator Bond
    Nevada Division of Insurance
    Administrators As Provided By NRS 683A
  • Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond
    Division of Mortgage Lending
    Mortgage Broker
  • Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond
    State of Nevada
    Covered Service Provider Bond
  • Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond
    Division of Mortgage Lending
    Mortgage Banker Bond
  • Title Insurance Agents & Escrow Officers Bond
    Division of Mortgage Lending
    Escrow Agency/Agent Bond
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond
    Occupational and Business Licensing
    Vehicle Industry Business License Bond
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (Used Only, No New) Bond
    Occupational and Business Licensing
    Vehicle Industry Business License Bond
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Nevada - Occupational and Business Licensing
    Vehicle Industry Business License
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Occupational and Business Licensing
    Body Shop or Garage Business License Bond
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
    Specialty License Plate Bond
  • Motor Vehicle (Non-Dealer, Not Listed) Bond
    Occupational and Business Licensing
    Vehicle Registration Program Bond
  • Sport Permits Bond
    Nevada Athletic Commission
    Promoter's License and Refund Bond
  • Employment Agencies Bond
    State of Nevada Worker's Compensation Section
    Employee Leasing Company
  • Book/Magazine Solicitors Bond
    Clark County Business License
    Book/Magazine Solicitors Bond
  • Book/Magazine Solicitors Bond
    Planning Department, Business Licensing Division
    Coupon Book Sales Bond
  • Nursing Homes Bond
    State of Nevada, Department of Human Resources, Di
    Health Care Facilities & Services
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Nevada State Board of Pharmacy
    Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    City of Henderson Business License Division
    Alarm System Business Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Nevada Secretary of the State
    Document Preparation Service Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Nevada Department of Insurance
    Service Contracts Bond
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    City of Las Vegas
    Second Hand Dealer Bond (City of Las Vegas, NV)
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Southern Nevada District Chief Health Officer
    Recycling Center Bond
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Commission On Postsecondary Ed
    Private Postsecondary Educational Institution Lice
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Department of Education
    Private Elementary and Secondary School License/So
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Nevada - Occupational and Business Licensing
    Drive School Bond
  • Alcohol (All Others) Bond
    Dept of Taxation
    Liquor Excise Tax Bond
  • Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
    Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond
  • Sales, Use & Consumer Tax Bond
    State of Nevada
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    Las Vegas Valley Water District
    Utility Deposit Bond
  • Lottery Bond
    Nevada Gaming Commission- Tax and License Division
    Gaming Establishment
  • Money Transmitter Bond
    Money Transmitter Bond
  • Prepaid/Preneed Funeral Bond
    State of Nevada Division of Insurance
    Burial Services Seller

Types of Nevada Bonds

There are many types of Nevada surety bonds depending on their purpose. Nevada businesses who need to obtain a license will often have to post a license surety bond. Nevada contractors may be required to obtain a contract bond. See below for the different types of bonds that we can underwrite in the state of Nevada.

Nevada License & Permit Bonds

Many licensing procedures require businesses to post a Nevada license and permit bond when applying for a license or for a license renewal. License and permit bonds, also known as commercial bonds, are put in place to protect the public and the state and guarantee that licensed businesses will conduct business in accordance with Nevada’s regulations.

Some of our most popular bonds in the state of Nevada are the Nevada auto dealer bond as well as freight broker bonds. We underwrite all other types of Nevada license bonds, such as contractors, mortgage brokers and others.

The amount of Nevada license bonds vary - for example, Nevada auto dealer bonds are in the amount of $50,000 for the state of Nevada, while freight broker bonds are $75,000 nationwide.

Obtaining a Nevada surety bond doesn’t mean you have to pay the full bond amount. The cost of your surety bond in Nevada and the amount of the bond are two different things. Read on below about the difference between bond amount and bond cost, and how much it costs to obtain a surety bond in Nevada.

Nevada Contract Bonds

We can provide you with all types of Nevada contract bonds. Most federal and state construction projects in Nevada will require their contractors to get bonded and obtain payment and performance bonds. These bonds are meant to protect the public and the state of Nevada.

Private construction projects in Nevada often also require contractors to obtain the relevant contract bonds.

Nevada Court Bonds

Court bonds may be requested by a variety of Nevada courts for the purpose of securing an initial court judgement before it can be appealed or when appointing a fiduciary to take care of a Nevada property or assets based in Nevada.

Still not sure which Nevada surety bond you need? Give us a call at (866)-450-3412 and one of our surety bonds experts will be there to respond to all of your inquiries.

Surety Bond Cost in Nevada

The cost or rate of your Nevada surety bond depends on the amount of your bond and on financial factors such as your personal credit score.

For example, when applying for a license Nevada auto dealer are required to post a $50,000 Nevada auto dealer bond. This is the bond’s full amount, i.e. the amount of coverage that the surety bond company will extend to obligees if they file a claim against the bond.

The cost of obtaining that bond is only a fraction of the full amount though. When determining the rate of your bond, surety bond companies will look at your personal credit score first.

Apart from your personal credit score, surety bond companies may also look at a number of other factors before offering you a rate on your Nevada surety bond. These include:

  • Personal financial statements
  • Business financial statements
  • How long you have been in business
  • Your industry experience
  • Other factors

Applicants with high credit score will usually be offered standard market rates on their Nevada surety bonds. Standard market rates vary between 1%-4% of the total bond amount on most license and permit bonds. For contract bonds, rates depend on the amount of the bond and other factors beyond the personal credit score.

Applicants with lower credit scores are usually offered slightly higher rates, between 5%-15%, due to the greater risk involved in bonding them. While such applicants are usually turned down because of this risk, our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program is tailored to accommodate those with credit issues, bankruptcies and other financial difficulties.

Bonds offered under our bad credit program are provided by the same bond companies that underwrite all other bonds, guaranteeing that applicants still receive the highest quality of surety bonds available.

Want to get a quote on your Nevada surety bond? Try the surety bond calculator in the right sidebar to get an estimate of your bond’s cost. For a precise and free quote on your bond, simply submit an application for your particular bond and we will contact you shortly thereafter.

For even more information on surety bond amounts and rates, have a look at our Surety Bond Cost page.

How to Get Bonded in Nevada

There are two separate application forms, depending on the type of Nevada surety bond you need.

For a Nevada license surety bond, apply online here by filling in the application and submitting it. We will then review your application and contact you with a free quote on your personal surety bond. The various Nevada license bonds have different requirements so we may also ask you to provide us with further documents before underwriting your bond. Applying is simple and takes only a few minutes!

For a Nevada contract surety bond, there are two options, depending on the amount of your contract bond.
For contract bonds under $250,000, use our Fast Track Program which allows for a faster processing of your application.
For contract bonds over $250,000, use our Full Bond Line Project application. This application takes slightly more time due to the more extensive checks performed by the surety prior to underwriting the bond.
To apply for either one of these programs, simply download the respective online form, fill in the details and forward it to us. We will get in touch with you shortly after that.

If you have further questions you would like to ask prior to applying for your bond, call us at (866)-450-3412 to speak to one of Bryant Surety Bonds’ experts. We are familiar with all bonding requirements in Nevada and have extensive industry experience. We will be happy to help you!

You can also have a look at your ‘What is a surety bond?’ page. There you will find further information and resources about what surety bonds are, how they work, how their cost is determined and how you can get bonded.