What is a Roofer License Bond?

Roofing contractors in many states are required to become licensed in order to perform work. A common licensing requirement is for them to obtain a roofer license bond, which is a type of contractor license bond.

Some of the states that require roofing contractors to obtain a roofing license and bond are: California, Texas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Arizona. In other states a statewide requirement may not be present, but certain counties may require roofing contractors to obtain a bond.

The roofer license bond serves as a guarantee that the contractor performing roofing work will comply with all local and state statutes and regulations for contractors. It guarantees they will perform work honestly and in accordance with best practices. In case they do not, the bond serves as protection for those who suffer losses or damages to their property due to the contractor’s malpractice.

How do Roofer License Bonds Work?

When obtaining a roofer license bond, the contractor (the bond principal) is signing an agreement with the state licensing department (the bond obligee) and the surety bond company that provides the bond.

As part of the bond agreement, the surety company guarantees that if the contractor causes a claim to be filed against the bond due to malpractice, the surety will compensate the bond obligees (customers or the state) for damages caused by the contractor. The agreement further requires the contractor to compensate the surety for any claims it has covered.

Roofer License Bond Cost

How much you will have to pay to obtain your roofer license bond depends on the bonding amount required in your state or county. Here are some of the bond amounts for roofer bonds:

  • California: $15,000
  • Oklahoma: $5,000
  • Illinois: $10,000
  • Texas: $100,000
  • Minnesota: $15,000

Your surety bond cost is a small percentage of the total bond amount. The exact percentage each applicant needs to pay is determined on the basis of their personal financials.

Applicants who have a high credit score typically are offered a rate between 0.75%-2.5% of the full bond amount. Good financial statements, liquidity, and assets are also taken into account when determining the exact rate for the bond.

Applicants can further reduce the cost of their bond by carefully picking their surety agency. Agencies work with different surety companies and have access to different rates.

Bryant Surety Bonds only offers bonds issued by A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies. These companies are considered the safest, most financially stable sureties in the country. At the same time, they are capable of offering our clients some of the lowest rates on all their surety bonds.

Bad Credit Bonds

Applicants with bad credit can get bonded just like anyone else.

For a slightly higher rate, our Bad Credit Program provides applicants with lower credit scores with the bonds they need. Bonds under this program are provided by the same companies that issue all our other bonds.

And by improving their financials over time, bad credit applicants can get better rates on their subsequent bond renewals.

How to Get a Roofing License

Requirements for a roofing license differ from state to state, but usually include one or all of the following documents and items:

  • A completed roofing license application
  • Copy of criminal background check and/or fingerprints
  • Articles of incorporation (if applicable), other business organization documents
  • Personal information regarding all owners, partners, or officers
  • A roofer license bond in the amount required by your state or county
  • Copy of certificates of insurance (typically: worker’s compensation and liability insurance)
  • Proof of completed education and/or examination requirements
  • An application/licensing fee in the amount required by your state

For full information regarding the roofing license requirements, make sure to check with your local licensing department.

How to Get Your Roofer License Bond

To apply for your roofer license bond or to request a free quote, complete and submit our online surety bond application.

Processing times for these bonds are fast, so you can expect to get your free quote with suggested steps for obtaining the bond within a short amount of time.

To speak to one of our surety experts, call us at 866.450.3412. They know all about the bonding requirements for roofer license bonds and can provide you with more general information regarding surety bonds, as well as support with your application. Call us, we’d love to help!

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