Overview of California Seller of Travel Bond Requirements

The seller of travel bond’s purpose is to guarantee that businesses who offer such services will do so in an honest manner and comply with all legal requirements of the California Business and Professions Code that apply to them. In particular, the bond is to protect consumers from false advertising, misapplication of funds or misrepresentation on behalf of the seller, and all other fraudulent activities that lead to harm or losses.

If the seller does violate the law through any of the above actions, a claim can be filed against their bond, and compensation can be received by claimants. Such compensation can be up to the full bond amount, also known as the penal sum of the bond.

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Cost of Getting Bonded

The cost of your bond is a percentage of the total bond amount.

According to the BPC, sellers of travel in California who choose to obtain a bond as financial security when applying for a license must provide a bond in an amount at least equal to “all sums received from any person or entity, including, but not limited to, those payments made in cash, by credit card, or any other method of payment, for air or sea transportation for any person, or for any travel services offered by the seller of travel, and any refunds made by carriers or providers of travel services.”

Based on the above requirement, bond amounts for sellers of travel in California will vary from applicant to applicant.

Unlike with maintaining a trust account, an option also provided by the State Department of Justice, which requires the full sum specified above to be present, applicants who obtain a bond, only need to pay for the bond premium. The bond premium is a fraction of the full bond amount - it is determined by the surety when you apply for your bond.

The surety reviews applicants’ credit scores as well as various other personal financial indicators before setting a bond rate. Applicants with high scores are typically offered low rates on their bond. Those with the highest scores can have rates as low as .75% - 1.5% of the total bond amount. Applicants with slightly lower scores can expect a rate up to 2.5%.

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Bad Credit Bond Program

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Claims Against Your Bond

The travel of seller bond form in California states broadly that any violations of the whole Article 2.6. Sellers of Travel of Chapter 1 of Part 3 of Division 7 of the Business and Professions Code may result in a claim against the bond. Such violation can include presenting customers with misleading information, misrepresentation, misapplication of funds, fraud, dishonesty, and the like.

In the case of a claim against the seller of travel, the surety may extend compensation up to the full amount of the bond to make up for any losses or damages suffered by claimants. In return, as part of the surety bond agreement, the bonded seller of travel will need to repay the surety for such compensation.

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