Texas Contractor Bond Requirements

In Texas, contractor license bonds are not required on the state level from all contractors, but some cities and counties have a bonding requirement in place.

The bond’s purpose can vary based on the location, but generally, it guarantees that contractors perform construction work in compliance with all applicable regulations. This includes following building codes, paying taxes on time, and respecting contractual obligations with clients.

You can check out the cities and counties with contractor bond requirements in place in the table below. You can review the contractor license types and the respective bond amounts required in these places.

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How Much Does a Contractor Bond Cost in Texas?

The cost of your Texas contractor bond depends on the bond amount that your local authorities require you to post.

Your actual price is a fraction of the bond amount. It depends on the strength of your finances, with your personal credit score having the strongest influence. Other essential factors are your personal and business finances, fixed and liquid assets, and professional experience. If you have a good credit score and a clean credit report, you can get a premium as low as 1%.

In the table below, you can get a ballpark estimate for the bond required in your location.

Texas Contractor License Bond Costs
License type Bond Amount Starting Price
Abilene building, building mover, roofing, or demolition contractor $25,000 $250
Abilene swimming pool contractor $10,000 $100
Abilene irrigation contractor $5,000 $100
Amarillo landscape or irrigation, house moving, swimming pool, or water treatment equipment installation contractor $10,000 $100
Amarillo residential remodeling, residential roofing, commercial roofing, or insulation contractor $20,000 $200
Andrews contractor $25,000 $250
Bastrop contractor $10,000 $100
Beaumont building contractor $25,000 $250
Beaumont roofing contractor $15,000 $150
Canyon general or roofing contractor $20,000 $200
Cibolo residential building contractor $25,000 $250
Fort Worth commercial parkway contractor $25,000 $250
Fort Worth residential parkway contractor $10,000 $100
Galveston general contractor $25,000 $250
Granbury contractor $5,000 $100
Horizon City building and construction contractor $10,000 $100
Houston sidewalk, driveway, curb, and gutter builders contractor $2,000 $100
Irving sign, concrete, or house moving contractor $5,000 $100
Kerrville general contractor $5,000 $100
Lakeway contractor $10,000 $100
Lufkin contractor $5,000 $100
Midland contractor $10,000 $100
Nederland building contractor $15,000 $150
Olmos Park general contractor $5,000 $100
Port Aransas contractor $5,000 $100
Port Arthur building contractor $15,000 $150
Port Neches building contractor $15,000 $150
Sherman roofing contractor $20,000 $200
Texas City general contractor $5,000 $100
Universal City general, home improvement, irrigation, or sign contractor $5,000 $100

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Texas Contractors License Requirements

The requirements you’ll have to satisfy to obtain a general contractor license in Texas vary greatly, and the same goes for specialty contractors. The criteria are set by your local authorities, depending on the license type you’re applying for. For all license types, you’ll need to complete a relevant Texas contractor license application.

HVAC, electrical, and water well driller contractors need a state license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Plumbing contractors have to get licensed with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE). The respective state licensing authority sets the requirements for these types of contractors.

Check out our Texas Contractor License Guide for more detailed information about your licensing requirements.

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