Delaware Auto Dealer Bond

    Private individuals may sell up to 4 vehicles per calender year before they are required to gain a license as a Dealer. All Dealers must be licensed through the Delawares Division of Revenue through the Division of Motor Vehicles. Prior to the issuance of the license the dealer must present the franchise agreement, as well as having the dealership facilities inspected by a division representative. There is no charge for this inspection.
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Dealer License Fees:

  • $100 paid to the State Division of Revenue upon application, and renewals.

Delaware Dealer Surety Bond

No Auto Dealer Surety Bond is required for the State of Delaware at this current time.

  • Bond: Motor Vehicle Financing License
  • Obligee: Office of the State Bank Commissioner
  • Obligee Address: 555 East Lockerman Street, Suite 210, Dover, Delaware 19901
  • Required Expiration Date of Dealer Bond: N/A
  • Surety Bond: Not Continuous, Requires Continuation Certificate
  • Bond Form Revision Date: N/A