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Dealer License Fees:

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Ohio Dealer Surety Bond

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  • Bond: Deputy Register Bond
  • Obligee: Department of Public Safety – Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Obligee Address: 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223-1101
  • Required Expiration Date of Dealer Bond: N/A
  • Surety Bond: This bond is not Continuous, a Continuation Certificate is required when renewing this bond
  • Bond Form Revision Date:4/2008

Bad Credit Program for Auto Dealers

Ohio MVD’s with a low credit scores, or public records on their personal credit report (Bankruptcy, Liens, Collection, or Civil Judgments) may find a difficult time getting bonded. Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc offers a Bad Credit Surety Bond Program that is specially tailored to your needs and can get you approved. This program is available for all high Auto Dealers.

*Information for state licensing is provided as a guide, always verify with the state that the information is correct.

How to apply:

1.) Visit the commercial application page.
2.) Complete our online application.