What is a Janitorial Bond?

Janitorial bond definition: A janitorial bond is a type of fidelity bond that is obtained by businesses that offer cleaning services. It serves as protection for the business’s clients– which could be private homeowners, or other businesses– against property loss due to employee theft. The janitorial bond guarantees financial compensation to clients of house-cleaning services, janitorial and maid services, as well as carpet-cleaning services, in case something is stolen by an employee of the business.

While these bonds are not usually required by states as part of cleaning businesses’ licensing process, businesses often see them as a valuable asset, because they help establish trust, and guarantee the safety of clients’ property and belongings.

Janitorial bonds are often used by businesses as a marketing asset to attract customers. A company that has a janitorial bond will often refer to itself as “bonded and insured,” meaning that it can provide protection to customers through its bond.

Furthermore, fidelity bonds such as these also function like insurance for the business itself, protecting it from harmful actions by employees.

Janitorial Bond Cost

The cost of a janitorial bond depends on a number of factors: the amount of coverage, the number of employees the bond is meant to cover and the exact type of business that you are getting the bond for.

Unlike with most surety bonds, there are no credit checks for janitorial bonds and your credit score does not determine your ability to get a bond. Exceptions to this rule may be made in cases where a janitorial bond with a large amount of coverage is requested, or a large number of employees are being covered.

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How to Get Your Janitorial Bond

Getting your janitorial bond is easy and straightforward. Simply fill in the Business Services Bond Application Form and send it to us. Janitorial bonds are typically processed in a very short amount of time, so expect a quick turnaround.

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