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  • Also known as Lotto Bond and Lottery Machine Bond
  • Required by the State Lottery Commission
  • Considered a Financial Guarantee Bond
  • Guarantees Proper use of Lotto machine and prompt payment to the Lottery Commission
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What is a Lottery Bond?

A lottery / lotto bond is a commercial surety bond which guarantees the correct use of lottery machines in accordance with industry and state regulations, as well as the correct sale of lottery tickets. In order to get a license, any facility which has a lottery machine is required to obtain such a bond.

Lottery bond cost, regulations and requirements vary according to state. Yet, as with every surety bond, a lotto bond is a three-party agreement with the following sides to it: the obligee (the party requesting the lottery bond; the government and consumers), the principal (the business which has to obtain the bond) and the surety company underwriting the lottery bond.

The surety company’s role in this agreement is to serve as a guarantor of the bonded principal. If for some reason the principal fails to pay taxes to the state’s lottery commission, tampers with the lottery machine or otherwise abuses the lottery system, a claim can be filed against them. In the case of a claim, the surety is there to back the principal and reimburse the obligee for financial losses. In this way, lottery bonds work like a line of credit. Usually, it is best for all sides to avoid claims on a bond. Nevertheless, if a claim is made and the surety has to step in, the principal is then required to indemnify the surety for any payments it has made.

Continue reading for more information on lottery bonds or apply online from the table below.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

  • Arkansas
    Scholarship Lottery Bond
  • Colorado
    Department of Revenue, Lottery Commission
  • Connecticut
    Lottery Sales Agent
    Connecticut Lottery Corporation
  • Florida
    Game Promotion Bond
    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Ser
  • Florida
    Game Promotion Bond
    City Of Jacksonville, Environmental/Compliance Dep
  • Florida
    Lottery Bond
    Florida Lottery
  • Florida
    7-11 Preformance Bond
    7- Eleven Inc
  • Georgia
    Lottery/Lotto Retailer
    Georgia Lottery Corporation
  • Local Government
    License / Game of Chance
    City of Jacksonville, Enviornmental /Compliance
  • Maryland
    Maryland State Lottery Agency
  • Minnesota
    Lottery Bond
    Minnesota State Lottery
  • Missouri
    Missouri Lottery Commission
  • Nebraska
    Nebraska Lottery Retailer
    Nebraska Department of Revenu
  • Nevada
    Gaming Establishment
    Nevada Gaming Commission- Tax and License Division
  • New Hampshire
    State of New Hampshire, Racing and Charitable Gami
  • New Hampshire
    Surety Bond for Game Operators in New Hampshire
    Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission
  • New Hampshire
    Charitable Gaming Commission Games of Chance Bond
    State of New Hampshire Racing and Charotable Gamin
  • New Hampshire
    Manufacturer Pursuant to Chapter 287-E Bond (Bingo
    NH Racing & Charitable Gaming Commission
  • New Hampshire
    Daily and-or Weekly Sales Agent Bond
    New Hampshire Lottery Commission
  • New Hampshire
    Lucky 7 Bingo Ticket Seller Bond
    NH Racing & Charitable Gaming Commission
  • New York
    Games of Chance Bond
    NYS Department of State
  • North Carolina
    Education Lottery Bond
    North Carolina Lottery Commission
  • North Carolina
    Education Lottery Bond
    North Carolina Lottery Commission
  • Ohio
    Lottery Sales Retailer
    Ohio Lottery Commission
  • Oregon
    Lottery Commission Agent
    Oregon State Lottery Commission
  • Other
    Game Promotion Surety Bond
    City of St. Marys
  • Other
    7-11 Preformance Bond
    7-Eleven, Inc.
  • Pennsylvania
    Lottery Retailer
    Pennsylvania Lottery
  • South Carolina
    Bingo Revenue Bond
    State of South Carolina
  • Tennessee
    Lottery Retailer
    Tennessee Education Lottery Corp.
  • Texas
    Bingo Prize Fees
    Texas Lottery Commission
  • Virginia
    Lottery Retailer Surety Bond
    State Lottery Department

Lottery Bond Cost

The premium you have to pay for your lottеry bond is a fraction of the total bond amount required by your state’s Lottery Commission or Corporation. Your premium is determined by the surety company depending on the total amount of the lottery bond in the state and your personal credit score.

Typically, lottery bonds are low risk and relatively small when compared to other license bonds. Most lottery bonds range between $5,000 and $15,000. If you have good credit, you will be eligible for standard market rates, which range between 1%-4% of the total amount. In other words, for a $10,000 lottery bond you will have to pay somewhere between $100 and $400.

By improving your credit score over time, you will be eligible to receive better and lower rates on your lotto bonds, whenever you have to renew your license.

Another way to receive a better rate is to carefully pick your surety company. Bryant Surety Bonds has access to exclusive rates via its network of highly professional A rated and T-listed surety companies. Working with us, you are sure to get the best rate on your lottery bond in your state.

To learn more about how surety bond cost is calculated, make sure to visit our surety bond cost page.

Bad Credit Lottery Bond Program

Our bad credit surety bond program is devised specifically for new companies with no credit or for those with poor credit, bankruptcies and tax liens. This program allows those who typically cannot be bonded, to get bonded.

Due to the higher risk involved, bad credit applicants have slightly higher rates, ranging between 5%-15% of the total amount. The exact amount of your lottery bond under our bad credit program will vary depending on your specific case but you are still guaranteed to get the best rate.

How to Get Your Lottery Bond

Obtaining a lottery bond is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is apply online. Within minutes you will receive a personal quote, free of charge. Then you only need to follow the steps of the application process and you will have your underwritten lottery bond very soon.

If you have any questions or doubts whatsoever, just give us a call at (866)-450-3412. Our surety bond experts will be there to help you and respond to all your questions.

Popular Lottery Bonds by State


  • Bond: Connecticut State Lottery Sales Agent Payment Bond
  • Obligee: Connecticut Lottery Corporation
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Florida Lottery Bond Form
  • Obligee: Florida Lottery250 Marriott Drive Tallahassee, FL 32399-4001
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Georgia Lottery Corporation Retailer Contract Payment and Performance Bond
  • Obligee: Georgia Lottery Corporation250 Williams Street, INFORUM Suite 3000, Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Form: RV-F1302001
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Maryland Surety Bond
  • Obligee: Maryland State Lottery Agency: Agent Bonds UnitMontgomery Park Business Center 1800 Washington Boulevard Suite 330 Baltimore, Maryland 21230
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Lottery Bond
  • Obligee: State of Missouri: Director of Finance
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee

North Carolina

  • Bond: Lottery Bond
  • Obligee: North Carolina Education Lottery
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Surety Bond For Gaming Establishment
  • Obligee: Nevada Gaming Commission: Tax and License Division1919 E College Pkwy 1800 Washington Boulevard Carson City, Nevada 89706
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Lottery Sales Retailer Bond
  • Obligee: The Ohio Lottery Commission
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Surety Bond of Lottery Commission
  • Obligee: Oregon State Lottery Commission
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Lottery Surety Bond
  • Obligee: Pennsylvania Department of Revenue: PA Lottery2850 Turnpike Ind. DR. Park Middletown, PA 17057
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation Lottery Retailer Surety Bond
  • Obligee: TN Education Lottery Corporation
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Continuous Bond for Bingo Prize Fees
  • Obligee: Charitable Bongo Operations Division, Texas Lottery CommissionPO Box 16630 Austin, TX 78761-6630
  • Form: TLC Pub 8014
  • Amount: Set by Obligee


  • Bond: Lottery Retailer Surety Bond
  • Obligee: State Lottery Department, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Form:
  • Amount: Set by Obligee