California Auto Dealer Bond

Auto dealers in the state of California need to get bonded before they obtain their license.

Used car dealer bond

The used-car dealer bond is intended for those applying for a license to sell used vehicles in the state of California.

Mortgage broker bond

Mortgage brokers in California can’t get licensed without obtaining a mortgage broker bond first.

Sales tax bond

Certain businesses in the state will be required to obtain a bond to guarantee for their payment of taxes, penalties and interest.

Freight broker bond

Before they can do business, freight brokers need to have a freight broker bond that guarantees their compliance with federal requirements.

Overview of Los Angeles Surety Bonds

The state of California requires many businesses that need a professional license or registration– such as auto dealers, contractors, mortgage brokers, and insurance brokers– to have a license bond. Contractors in California are also required to obtain contract bonds when they perform work on federal or state construction projects.

The purpose of all surety bonds is to provide protection to the state and the public from businesses that don’t comply with the requirements of their licenses or contracts. In these situations, surety bonds ensure financial compensation to the parties that have been harmed. That compensation can be as high as the bond’s penal sum, or the full amount of the bond.

For a more detailed explanation of how surety bonds work, see our ‘What is a surety bond’ guide.

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Los Angeles Surety Bonds Cost

The cost of any bond in Los Angeles will depend on what type of bond it is. Some license bonds have fixed amounts, including the $50,000 California auto dealer bond or the $10,000 California insurance broker bond. Other bonds, like the California sales tax bond, are determined by government institutions on a case-by-case basis.

The bond amount itself is not equal to the cost of the bond. The bond cost is a fraction of the full amount, typically a small percentage. The exact percentage depends primarily on the applicant’s credit score. The surety that issues the bond will also consider other financial indicators, such as financial statements, but credit score is still paramount. The higher an applicant’s score, the lower their bond cost.

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Getting Bonded With Bad Credit

Most bonds in Los Angeles, with the exception of contract bonds, can also be obtained by applicants with a bad credit score.

Thanks to our Bad Credit Program, applicants who have a low or nonexistent credit score can still get bonded. Rates under this program are higher, due to the higher risk of bonding applicants with lower credit scores.

The exact rate at which you can get your bond though is determined on an individual basis. Visit the program’s page for more information, and to get a quote on your bond.

Claims Against Los Angeles Surety Bonds

If one of the parties protected by the surety bond agreement is harmed by the bonded party, the former may file a claim against the latter’s bond. By filing a claim, the claimant seeks compensation for the damages or losses they have suffered due to the bonded party’s actions. The claim amount can be as high as the full bond amount.

Claims against bonds can be filed for various reasons. Claims against license bonds differ from those against contract bonds, though the underlying reasons for claims are more or less the same: violating the conditions of the bond and the state rules and regulations.

Bond claims can be costly and difficult to manage. The best course of action for bonded parties is to avoid any misconduct that could lead to a claim, by sticking to the conditions of the bond, and the conditions of one’s license or construction contract. Beyond that, working closely with one’s surety when difficulties arise is the most important point to keep in mind. Sureties have plenty of experience in managing tough situations, and can provide you with valuable advice.

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