Florida Contractor License Bond Requirements

The state Construction Industry Licensing Board at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires applicants for a Florida construction license to get bonded only if they need to prove financial responsibility. The contractor license bond is necessary if your FICO credit score is below 660.

The required amounts for the different Florida contractor license type are the following:

  • Division I license - $20,000
  • Division II license - $10,000
  • Division II license after completing a board-approved financial responsibility course - $10,000
  • Division I license after completing a board-approved financial responsibility course - $5,000

Florida Contractor License Bond

The purpose of the bond is to guarantee the applicants’ financial responsibility. It should be maintained until your credit score becomes more than 660.

In addition to the state level, contractors may need to get bonded to meet the criteria of local authorities too. You can check out the cities and counties with contractor bond requirements in the table below. It contains the contractor license types and the bond amounts necessary in each place.

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How Much Does a Contractor Bond Cost in Florida?

The price of your Florida surety bond is set on the basis of the bond amount that state or local authorities require.

Your bond premium is a small percentage of that amount. The most important factor that affects it is your personal credit score, but your personal and business finances, fixed and liquid assets, and industry experience may also have an influence.

The rates start at 1% for applicants with a good credit score and stable financial profile.

Florida Contractor License Bond Cost

You can check a ballpark estimate of your bond in the table below.

Florida Contractor License Bond Costs
License type Bond Amount Starting Price
Division I contractor $20,000 $200
Division II contractor $10,000 $100
Division I contractor after completing a board-approved financial responsibility course $10,000 $100
Division II contractor after completing a board-approved financial responsibility course $5,000 $100
Auburndale contractor $5,000 $100
Cape Coral registered contractor $25,000 $250
Dundee contractor $5,000 $100
Fort Meade contractor $5,000 $100
Hillsborough County contractor $5,000 $100
Jacksonville sign contractor $5,000 $100
Kissimmee contractor $5,000 $100
Lake Alfred contractor $5,000 $100
Lake County contractor $5,000 $100
Orlando contractor $5,000 $100
Osceola County contractor $5,000 $100
Palm Beach County contractor $2,000 $100
Panama City contractor (different types) $5,000 $100
Pasco County contractor $5,000 $100
Polk County contractor $5,000 $100
Winter Haven contractor $10,000 $100

* The table provides a bond cost ballpark estimate based on the applicant's credit score. Actual bond prices can differ due to a number of factors. For an exact quote, please complete our online application. It's fast and 100% free!.

You can consult our detailed surety bond cost guide for more details about the formulation of your price.

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Florida Contractor License Requirements

The requirements for getting a Florida general contractor license and specialty licenses vary depending on your location.

On the state level, you’ll need to satisfy the following criteria to get a license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation:

  • Complete the Florida contractor license application
  • Meet the experience requirements of at least 4 years of experience or a combination of college and experience
  • Pass state examination
  • Submit a $300,000 public liability and $50,000 property damage insurance and a worker’s compensation insurance policy (if applicable)
  • Post a Florida construction bond (if you don’t meet the financial responsibility criteria)
  • Pay the relevant licensing fees

On the local level, the requirements are different and are set by your city or county authorities.

Check out our Florida Contractor License Guide for a full overview of the licensing requirements.

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