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What is a License Bond?

A license bond, also known as a license and permit bond or commercial bond, is a type of surety bond that is usually required by state governments for businesses who need to get licensed. Examples of license bonds include contractor license bonds, and auto dealer bonds.

The role and function of license bonds is to guarantee that a business will comply with state regulations pertaining to their license. It provides the state and the public with financial protection against businesses who commit theft, fraud or other illegal practices and do not comply with regulations and standards.

Different states require different businesses to get licensed and bonded. Whether you need to get licensed and bonded depends on your state’s Licensing Board and the regulations that apply to your business. If you need to get bonded, you will need to obtain a license bond through a surety agency by paying a yearly premium.

To find out more about license bond cost see the section below.

License Bond Cost

The cost of your license bond depends on its amount - the penal sum of the bond. Some bonds, such as the $75,000 freight broker bond, have a fixed amount throughout the whole country. Others, such as the auto dealer bond, are required in all states but the bond amount varies from state to state.

The cost of your bond is a fraction of the surety bond amount, which is determined by sureties as they review your application. Depending on your financial status, you may receive a higher or lower rate on your license and permit bond. Sureties examine your credit score the most when determining your rate. The higher your credit score, the lower your rate.

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Bad Credit License Bond Program

Many license bonds are still available to applicants with a lower credit score. Through our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program, it is possible for these applicants to get bonded, and to do so at good, though slightly higher, rates.

We have access to numerous markets that offer bonds for bad credit applicants. We work only with A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies whose backing is highly secure and reliable. If you want to know whether you can get bonded with bad credit, gives us a call at (866)-450-3412!

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Types of License Bonds

Bryant Surety Bonds underwrites all types of license and permit bonds in all 50 states! To find the bond you need, scroll through the list below and follow the link to its page.

Agricultural Bond

Agricultural dealers in some states may require to post an agricultural bond as part of their licensing process.

Airport Customs Security Area Bond

As per the Code of Federal Regulations, individuals and companies with access to airport customs security areas are required to post this bond to ensure compliance with customs regulations.

Appraisal Management Company Bond

Required of appraisal management companies (AMCs) in over 20 states in order to operate lawfully.

ARC Bond

Airlines Report Commission Bonds (ARC bonds) are required by the Airlines Report Commission and they guarantee that travel agents will pay for airline tickets to the proper airlines.

Auctioneer Bond

Auctioneer bonds are required as an extra layer of protection for the public and the state. They make sure auctioneers comply with applicable regulations and conduct business in a lawful way.

Auto Dealer Bonds

It is not uncommon in the industry for a bond to have several different names, and this bond is a perfect example. The motor vehicle dealer bond is also known as: a used car dealer bond, MVD bond, auto dealer bond, and DMV bond.

Bad Credit Surety Bond Program

Our application for those with bad credit is now completely online. This application allows us to give you quotes and approvals instantly.

Blue Sky Bond

Securities dealers in some states are required to get bonded. The bond ensures compliance with the states's blue skies laws.

Business Services Bond

A variety of optional bonds businesses can obtain in order to better protect themselves and their clients from fraud or employee embezzlement.

Car Wash Bond

A surety bond designed to protect car wash employees in California and New York City.

Cigarette Tax Bond

Bonding companies closely scrutinize any financial guarantee surety bond as they view them as a high-risker risk bond.

Collection Agency Bond

A bond required of collection agencies by the state in which they operate that guarantees the agency license.

Concessionaire Bond

A surety bond protecting an owner's property when it's given to someone else to operate on.

Contractor License Bond

A surety bond guaranteeing that the contractor will adhere to all state statutes and licenses.

Credit Services Organization Bond

A bond guaranteeing CSOs comply with applicable regulations in their state.

Customs Bond

Required by the U.S. CBP agency, customs bonds guarantee the work of importers, carriers and warehouse or facility operators is conducted according to regulations.


A bond required for DMEPOS Suppliers/manufacturers by the federal government.

DoD Performance Bond

Military freight carriers need to post this bond before they can register with the SDDC.

Driving School Bond

A bond requried from driving schools in a number of states.

Electrical Contractor Bond

Electrical contractors in several states need to get bonded when applying for a license.

Employment Agency Bond

A bond required from employment agencies in some states, designed to protect job seekers.

Fantasy Contest Operator Bond

An increasing number of states requries this type of surety bond from fantasy contest operators to ensure the interest of players are well protected.

Farm Labor Contractor Bond

The bond guarantees compliance with applicable state regulations and offers protection to employees hired by the contractors

FHA Bond

Federal Housing Authority Bond: A look at the Bill curently up for vote in the senate that may allow for a surety bond in place of audited financials"

Fidelity Bond

A bond guaranteeing the employers assets in the event an employee should cause damage through a negligent or dishonest act.

Financially Responsible Officer Bond

This bond is required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as part of the licensing process for financially responsible officers.

Foreclosure Consultant Bond

Required in several states of applicants for a foreclosure consultant license.

Freight Broker Bonds

Formerly known as the Interstate Commerce Commission bond, or ICC Bond, the Freight Broker bond is required to legally operate as a transportation broker.

Fuel Tax Bond

A bond required by the government that guarantees payment of fuel taxes by sellers.

Funeral Bond

A bond that guarantees that funeral homes will fulfill all pre-paid funeral arrangements.

Grain Dealer Bond

A type of bond required in most states to ensure protection grain dealers operate in accordance with state regulations.

Health Club Bond

A state required bond of health clubs and other organizations that have monthly membership fees.

Home Improvement Bond

If you want to get licensed as a home improvement contractor, you will need this bond in several states.


A type of contractor license bond required specifically of contractors who want to perform Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration work.

Immigration Consultant Bond

Immigration consultants in some states are required post an immigration consultant bond along with their application.

Independent Adjuster Bond

Required by some states to secure protection to the insurance companies and policy-holders that adjusters work with.

Insurance Broker Bond

A bond authorizing the licensee to operate as an insurance broker.

Investment Advisor Bond

The bond ensures that entities that provide financial or investment advice do so in an ethical way and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Required by legal document assistants in California to ensure compliance with the Business and Professions Code.

Livestock Dealer Bond

The bond’s purpose is to offer protection to livestock producers and states from dealer dishonesty or fraud.

Liquor Bond

This bond is required by the government to participate in the sale of liquor.

Lost Instrument Bond

If you lose a financial instrument, this type of bond might be required in order to have it replaced.

Lottery/Lotto Bond

A bond required by the state for any facility with a lottery machine.

Manufactured Home Dealer Bond

A license or permit bond that is necessary in order to participate in the sale of manufactured homes. The federal government requires this bond.

Mileage Tax | Highway Use Bonds

Several states require mileage tax bonds from motor carriers who use public highways. The bond ensures that carriers will pay highway use tax and other outstanding debts to the state.

Money Transmitter Bond

A license bond required by the state.

Mortgage Banker Bond

The Mortgage Banker Bond, or Mortgage Lender Bond, guarantees that the banker will operate by the terms and conditions of the stat in which they are operating.

Mortgage Broker Bond

The mortgage broker bond is a type of license bond, which guarantees that the mortgage broker will operate accoridng to the state statutes and licenses.

Mortgage Lender Bond

Mortgage lender bonds are a prerequisite to obtaining a mortgage lender license in many states.

Oil and Gas Surety Bond

Oil and gas well operators will frequently need to get bonded before they are given a permit in their state.

OTI Bond | NVOCC Bond

Required by the Federal Maritime Commission to guarantee OTIs comply with applicable regulations.

Outdoor Advertising Bond

A licensing requirement in for outdoor advertisers and contractors in many states or in certain cities and counties

Patient Trust Bond

This bond guarantees patient trust funds are protected and well-managed by nursing homes.

Payday Loan Bond

A bond assuring the legal operation of the loan company.

Pawnbroker Bond

Many states require this type of bond in order to better protect the property pawned by pawnbrokers' customers.

Pest Control Bond

Pest control operators have to get bonded when they apply for a license to ensure that they will abide by the laws that apply to their professions.

Pharmacy Bond

This bond is typically required from wholesale distributors of prescription and non-prescription drugs and/or medical equipment.

Phone Solicitor Bond

This bond is also known as a Telemarketing Bond.

Plumbing Bond

This bond is required from plumbers as part of the licensing process in many states.

Polygraph Examiner Bond

Required in a number of states to ensure polygraph examiners comply with the provisions of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.

Private Investigator Bond

Also known as a detective agency bond, this surety bond makes sure private investigators are compliant with state regulations.

Process Server Bond

Required by court-appointed process servers in some states.

Professional Fundraiser Bond

Required in over 15 states from professional fundraisers and solicitors as part of their licensing process.

Public Adjuster Bond

Protects the public against fraudulent actions on part of public adjusters.

Public Official Bond

The public official bond is a type of license bond which guarantees the complying of certain governments officials with the respective government laws and regulations.

Railway Company Surety Bond

Some railway companies require this bond of railway transporters wishing to use their infrastructure.

Real Estate Broker Bond

A surety bond making sure licensed real estate brokers comply with state and federal statutes and do not use fraudulent practices.

Registration Service Surety Bond

To perform vehicle registration service in the DMV, you will need to obtain this bond.

Right of Way Bond

Right-of-way contractors in some locations need to post a bond prior to getting a permit.

Roofer License Bond

A bond assuring roofers will meet all state statutes and licenses.

Security Guard Agency Bond

A bond required of security guard agencies in several states.

School Bond

A bond required of various private schools.

Seller of Travel Bond

A bond for sellers of travel. This bond is different than an ARC bond.

Sports Promoter Bond

Sports promoters and agents in many states need to post this bond before getting licensed.

Superheavy or Oversize Permit Bond

Texas requires motor carriers applying for a superheavy or oversize permit to obtain this bond.

Surplus Lines Broker Bond

Protect customers of surplus liners broker against fraud.

Talent Agency Bond

This surety bond protects the clients of talent agencies against fraud.

Tax Bond

The sales tax bond guarantees that a business will pay sales tax to the government.

Tax Preparer Bond

Required from individual wishing to obtain a tax preparer license in California.

Telemarketing Bond

A bond required by the state government to operate a telemarketing business.

Third Party Administrator Bond

Third parties in some states must obtain this bond before they can get licensed and be allowed to legally operate within the state.

Title Agency Bond

A bond that guarantees the lawful performance of a title agent.

Title Bond

The Title Bond, also known as a Lost Title Bond, is required when you want to transfer or sell a vehicle and you don't have a title for it.

Transportation Bond

A bond that guarantees payment for a shipment to any of the 50 states.

Union Bond

Also known as wage and welfare bonds, this bond assures the faithful payment of union dues for a specific location.

Used Car Dealer Bond

Please see the motor vehicle dealer bond page for more information. Often times the surety industry has many names for the same bond. In this case, used auto dealer bonds, MVD Bonds, auto dealer bonds, and DMV bonds are all the same thing.

Utility Bond

A surety bond required by utility companies which guarantees that the principal will pay the utility company in time.

Vehicle Verifier Bond

This bond is required from vehicle verifiers in California. It guarantees their compliance with the California Vehicle Code (CVC).

Wage & Welfare Bond

Also known as union bonds, these bonds assure faithful payment of union dues for a specific location.

Wage Bond for Nail Salons in New York

This is a type of license bond guaranteeing that nail salon emplyees receive their payments regularly.

Warehouse Bond

Required by some state to ensure warehouse owners comply with regulations concerning the storage of certain goods.

Waste Tire Hauler Bond

Transporting large loads of waste tires will often require that you get registered in your state and post a waste tire hauler bond.

Wholesale Dealer Bond

Required of applicants for a wholesale motor vehicle dealer license in numerous states.

Wrecker and Tow Operator Bond

Vehicle wreckers, tow truck operators and towing companies might be required to get this bond in several states.

Yacht Broker Bond

A number of states require yacht brokers and salesmen to get this bond prior to conducting business.

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