Texas Contractor Bond Requirements

In Texas, contractor bonds are not required on a statewide level from all contractors, but a number of cities and municipalities have a bonding requirement in place. The bond’s purpose can vary based on the location, but generally it makes sure that contractors perform construction work in compliance with all applicable regulations. This includes following building codes, paying taxes on time, and respecting your contractual obligations.

If you violate the bond agreement, you can face a claim, which– if proven– will make you legally responsible for reimbursing the claimant.

It is important not to confuse contractor license bonds with contract bonds. Contract bonds are valid only on a per-project basis, and are required during work on large public or private projects.

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Texas Contractor Bond Cost

The cost of your Texas contractor bond will vary by location. The total bond amount– i.e., the coverage the bond offers to claimants– is determined on a local level and also depends on the type of license you hold or wish to obtain. It is best to contact your local authority to confirm the total bond amount required from you before you apply for your contractor bond.

Afterwards, you can use our surety bond cost calculator in the sidebar to get an estimate of your bond cost. This estimate will be based on your personal credit score, which is the most important piece of information surety bond companies consider during the underwriting process. Bear in mind that other factors can also play a part, so the best way to get an exact price is to apply for a free bond quote.

In general, if you have a good credit score and a clean credit report, your premium will vary between 1% and 3%. Premiums are paid on a yearly basis. To learn more about bond premiums, check out our surety bond cost guide.

Getting a Texas Contractor Bond with Bad Credit

How your credit score will affect the underwriting process also depends on your location. Bonds in some cities are subject to underwriting consideration, meaning that bonding companies will want to take a look at your credit report and possibly your financial statements. Others, however, can be obtained without a credit check.

If your credit report is going to be evaluated and you have bad credit or past due items, you will be considered high-risk applicant. This will not prevent you from getting bonded, but it can raise your premiums to around 3% to 5% per year.

Apply for your Texas Contractor Bond Today!

Bryant Surety Bonds offers an extremely simple application procedure; our online application is only a page long. After submitting it, you’ll be put in touch with one of our surety agents, who will walk you through the whole process and answer all your questions about the bond.

Processing times are generally between one and two business days, and you can expect a digital copy in your email as soon as we receive your bond from the surety bond company.

Be sure to get well acquainted with your bond form and its special requirements, such as bond expiration date. Going past the expiration date may put your license at risk of revocation, and lead to late reinstatement fees. It’s also necessary to know what your responsibilities are, so you can stay out of bond claims, which can be detrimental to your business and reputation.

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