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Step 1: Download the four following forms:

Subdivision Application: For new clients
Subdivision Bond Request
Personal Financial Statement - Each owner (those with ownership greater then 5%) must fill out the Personal Financial Statement Form.
Credit Release Form - The credit release form is used by us to get you the best rate possible, again each owner must complete.

Step 2: Fill in you information

You can either type in the information on all three forms using your computer, or print out and fill in by hand

Step 3: Attach Business Financials

Step 4: Attach a blank copy of the bond form

Learn how to obtain a blank form, if you do not already have one.

Step 5: Attach engineer’s estimate.

Step 6: Attach the municipality’s resolution approving the project.

Step 7: Fax in all information

Please fax all of the above to (866) 450-3414.

Additional Information

The application comes in the Portable Document Format (PDF). Please open the file and completely fill in your information. When completed, print the application and fax to the number provided on the top of the application. If you do not already have a .pdf reader you can download the Adobe Reader here

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Todd Bryant
Todd Bryant is a graduate of Germantown Academy and the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration Honors College. He has been President of Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc., an A+ rated Business with the Better Business Bureau, since 2007. Licensed as a producer with the Department of Insurance, he has been published in the National Association of Surety Bond Producers newsletter and on numerous authoritative publications such as The Washington Post, Entrepreneur.com, Azcentral.com and many more.

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