Texas motor vehicle dealer's surety bond

When opening a dealership in Houston, you’ll be required to post a bond to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Surety bonds are a licensing requirement for car dealers.

Freight broker bond

Across the U.S., anyone who wishes to become licensed as a freight broker at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must also post a freight broker bond.

Texas contractor bond

Certain counties and cities in Texas require contractors to get bonded in order to also become licensed. Contact your local business licensing department to find out what kind of bond you need.

Credit services organization bond

To work as a credit services organization in Houston, you need to get licensed at the Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. You may be required to post a bond during the licensing process.

Alcohol bond

These bonds are required for sellers of alcohol in Texas to guarantee their payment of taxes or penalties related to their business.

Overview of Houston Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are required in a variety of cases. Businesses in Houston who apply for a license may be required to post a surety bond, as a guarantee that they will comply with the Texas Administrative Code and any other statutes pertaining to their business.

Contractors in Houston who bid on state or federal contracts, or who perform work on such projects, are usually also required to obtain a variety of surety bonds. These bonds guarantee that the contractor will comply with all the rules for bidding on a contract, perform their job in accordance with the construction contract they have signed, and pay their laborers, material suppliers, and all subcontractors.

Sometimes bonds are also required in court proceedings in Houston. Often, court bonds are necessary when a court decision is appealed or someone is appointed as a fiduciary.

In any of these cases the bonded party (the bond principal) has an obligation to comply with the conditions of the bond and with state regulations. If they violate these, a claim can be made against the bond and the claiming party may receive compensation from the surety bond company. Such compensation may be as high as the full penal sum of the bond, also known as the bond amount.

Have a look at our detailed ‘What is a surety bond’ guide to understand how surety bonds work.

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Cost of Surety Bonds in Houston

Surety bond cost is dependent on two factors: the amount of the bond, and the personal financial profile of the applicant. Some bonds, such as the auto dealer bond, have fixed amounts, while others vary depending on the applicant. Bonds may also vary in their amounts within the same state– from county to county or city to city.

The cost is always a fraction of the total bond amount, and that fraction is determined by the surety on the basis of factors such as the personal credit score of the applicant, their financial statements, their professional experience and more.

If an applicant has a high credit score, they will usually be offered a low rate by the surety. Respectively, the lower the credit score of an applicant, the lower their rate will be.

To find out how much your bond might cost, complete our surety bond application. We will supply you with a free quote on your bond, with no obligations attached.

Getting Bonded With Bad Credit

If you need to get bonded but have a low credit score, you don’t need to worry. Apart from applicants for contract bonds, all other applicants can get bonded even if they have bad credit.

Our Bad Credit Program makes this possible. Rates under this program are slightly higher than those for applicants with high scores– but allow our clients to do the business they want to. And by improving their credit score, all our clients can get better rates when they apply for a new bond at a later time.

Read more about getting bonded under this program on the program page, or contact us to find out more.

How to Get Your Surety Bond in Houston

To apply for your bond, just submit our application form! We will provide you with a free quote on your bond and further details how to complete your application.

Your bond will be issued within two days of receiving your complete application. As soon as it is issued we will provide you with a digital copy of it, as well as send you the original via standard mail.

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