Telemarketing Bond Overview

A telemarketing bond is a type of license and permit bond which is required in most states for telemarketing companies that operate there. Its purpose is to protect the public from telemarketing fraud, abuse, and other violations of state regulations. The telemarketing bond guarantees that bonded telemarketers and companies will comply with state regulations and only engage in honest and legitimate telemarketing practices.

If a telemarketer or company are found to have violated regulations by, for example, calling people who are on the National “Do Not Call Registry,” then a claim can be made against their bond and claimants are compensated. Since telemarketing regulations are usually quite lengthy and complicated, these bonds can also offer protection in cases when telemarketers break regulations due to oversight rather than ill will.

Telemarketing bonds are necessary for every state in which a telemarketer is calling, if such regulations are in place in those particular states. In other words, you will need 5 telemarketing bonds if you intend to solicit in, say, Texas, Utah, New York, California, and Arizona. They are required upon getting licensed as a telemarketer in that state.

Bryant Surety Bonds is able to offer both standard market rates on telemarketing bonds as well as rates for applicants with poor credit. Rates on telemarketing bonds may differ in comparison to those of other commercial bonds, due to the different types of telemarketers or markets that they target. Regardless, we are able to underwrite all types of telemarketing bonds in all states which requires those bonds.

Find the Bond You Need

The table below contains a list of only the most popular surety bonds. If you can't find yours, fill out our online application and select "Not in the list".

Alabama Telemarketing Office of the Attorney General Apply Now
Alabama Telemarketing Bond Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protectio Apply Now
Arizona Telephone Solicitation Attorney General Apply Now
Arkansas Telephonic Seller Office of the Attorney General Apply Now
California Telephonic Seller Bond Attorney General's Office Apply Now
Delaware Telemarketing Registration and Fraud Prevention Ac Director Of The Consumer Protection Unit Of The DE Apply Now
Florida Telemarketing Bond Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Apply Now
Georgia Charitable Solicitations Act Paid Solicitor Regist Georgia Secretary of State Apply Now
Hawaii Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Department of the Attorney General - Tax Division Apply Now
Illinois Professional Fund Raiser IL Office of the Attorney General Apply Now
Kentucky Professional Solicitor State of Kentucky Attorney General Apply Now
Kentucky Telemarketing Company Bond Attorney General Apply Now
Local Government Telemarketing Bond Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protectio Apply Now
Louisiana Professional Solicitor Louisiana Dept of Justice Apply Now
Maine Transient Seller of Consumer Merchandise Bond OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL AND OCCUPATIONAL REGULATION Apply Now
Maryland Surety Bond for Professional Solicitors & Public S State of Maryland, Office of the Secretary of Stat Apply Now
Maryland Door to Door Solicitor License Performance Bond Prince George's County Apply Now
Massachusetts Bond for Professional Solicitors and Commerical Co The Commonwealth of MA - Office of the Attorney Ge Apply Now
Mississippi No Call Program Mississippi Public Service Commission Apply Now
Mississippi Telephone Seller Bond Attorney General Apply Now
New Hampshire Charitable Solicitor State of New Hampshire Apply Now
New Mexico Professional Fundraiser New Mexico - Office of the Attorney General Apply Now
New York Telemarketing Bond Department of State, Division of Licensing Apply Now
Ohio Bond for Professional Solicitor Charitable Law Apply Now
Ohio Telephone Solicitor Ohio Attorney General Apply Now
Oklahoma Telemarketing Office of The Attorney General Apply Now
Pennsylvania BOND - FORM BCO-160 Department of State Apply Now
Pennsylvania Telemarketing Bond Department of State Apply Now
Rhode Island Professional Solicitor or Fund Raising Counsel Dept of Business Regulation Apply Now
Rhode Island Telemarketer Solicitation Dept of Attorney General, Consumer Protection Unit Apply Now
South Carolina Professional Solicitor's State of South Carolina Apply Now
Tennessee Professional Solicitor Bond Tennessee Secretary of State Apply Now
Texas Telephone Solicitation Office of Attorney General Apply Now
Texas Commercial Telephone Solicitor Charitable Trust Section Consumer Protection Divis Apply Now
Texas Public Safety Organization, Independent Promoter Texas - Office of Attorney General Apply Now
Utah Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Surety Office of The Attorney General Apply Now
Virginia Professional Solicitor Form 105 Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Apply Now
West Virginia Prof. Fund-Raising Counsels & Prof. Solicitors Secretary of State Apply Now
West Virginia Office of Telemarketing Registration Corporate Secretary Tax and Revenue, W VA Dept. of Tax & R Apply Now

Telemarketing Bond Cost

The cost of a telemarketing bond depends on the amount of the bond. For example, telemarketing bonds’ amounts in Arizona and California are $100,000, while in in Florida and Ohio they are $50,000, $25,000 in New York, and $10,000 in Texas.

The cost of your telemarketing bond is a percentage of the amount of your bond. This percentage, or premium, is usually determined by sureties on the basis of your personal credit score as the most important factor. If you don’t know the amount of a bond for a particular state, it is always best to contact the relevant authorities in that state.

Applicants who have a high credit score usually receive so-called standard market rates. These rates are often between 1%-4% of the total bond amount, though they may vary depending on the type of solicitation that you will be doing. Different types of telemarketing are more or less risky and the surety which backs your bond will also take this into account when determining your rate.

By working with Bryant Surety Bonds you are guaranteed to get some of the lowest possible rates on telemarketing bonds. This is due to the fact that we only partner with and represent A-rated and T-listed surety bond companies - the best and most reliable companies in the surety industry. These provide us with exclusive rates on all bonds and are the safest backers of bonds in the whole country.

Your surety bond’s cost is influenced by other financial and business factors as well. Check out our extensive surety bond cost guide if you would like to find out more about other things sureties take into account when determining your rate, and how you can get a better one!

Bad Credit Telemarketing Bond Program

Applicants who have poor or no credit may face difficulties when trying to obtain a telemarketing bond. Luckily, through our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program, applicants in this category are able to apply for and receive a bond in the same amount of time as everyone else. We’re specialized in underwriting such bonds and work with sureties who can underwrite all or most bad credit applicants.

Since bad credit applicants are seen as a greater risk for sureties to underwrite, getting a bond through our bad credit program is slightly more expensive, with rates varying between 5%-10% of the total bond amount.

How to Get Your Telemarketing Bond

Applying for and getting your telemarketing bond is simple and fast. First, apply online here. Fill in the application form with all the relevant details and submit it. We will get back to you with a free quote on your bond shortly, usually within the same day. From there it’s only a matter of clarifying a few more things and you’re done!

You can always call us at (866) 450-3412 to speak to one of our experts about your telemarketing bond. All of our experts are highly knowledgeable and are capable of responding to any questions you may have about getting bonded. Call us, don’t hesitate!

About the author:
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